Thursday, June 9, 2011

AWANA Cubbies Graduation

Mustang had her Cubbies graduation a couple of weeks ago. She is in Kindergarten at our house, but her birthday falls just after the local school cut off so she was still considered a Cubbie. She LOVED Cubbies, and I am so thankful she had an opportunity to go. Charger is already counting down the days until he gets to start in the fall!

My nephew also graduated. Here, he is getting his award. Do you see Mustang's face? Since our last name starts with a letter late in the alphabet, she had to wait to the very last to get her award. She isnt the most patient person, so this was a challenge for her!

Check out that smile!! She was soooooo excited to finally be getting HER award :).

Coming to show me her new award, and cool Cubbie pen!

Mustang and my nephew gave a puppet show with their Cubbie pens (just for me).

Mustang with all her Cubbie leaders.

And one of Mini Cooper just because lol. We all got to attend a family night awards night. It was a lot of fun! They also served pizza, soda, candy AND ice cream. We were spoiled!!

Having grown up in the AWANA program (minus Cubbies because they didnt develop it until later), I know first hand how wonderful it is for teaching scripture memorization. And, once those verses are in your mind, they are there forever. I cant ask for a better way to help instill the knowledge of the Lord in my kids' hearts and minds. If you have a local program, I highly recommend checking it out this fall! You dont have to attend church there to get involved-we dont currently attend church at our AWANA church.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday! And congrats to any of YOUR AWANA graduates. God Bless!


jess_hak said...

I love AWANA! I cannot believe how many verses I still remember from my days of AWANA. :) Congratulations Mustang!

kranderson said...

Hello! My name is Kim and I work at Awana headquarters. I enjoyed reading your blog post and seeing all the fun pictures from your awards night. I'm glad your daughter and nephew enjoy Awana and are learning God's Word. It's neat to hear about your experience with Awana as a young girl and how all the verses you memorized are still with you today. That's terrific!

Thanks for posting and enjoy summer with your family!
Kim Anderson