Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garage Sale Finds: June 10th

I'm a little slow sharing my treasures this weekend, but that wasn't due to a lack of treasures. I did notice I was a bit picture happy this weekend, so I apologize in advance :).

I tried something new this weekend. I've heard of others doing it, but I wasn't sure I was interested in the idea. Junking. AKA, checking out the stuff put out by their curb for our town's neighborhood clean up. Trash diving is another word for it I think. I'm STILL a little put off by the idea (I like clean things), but I got a few treasures for free so it was worth it. Its only once a year, too, so maybe I'll be ready again next year.

First, I found these 3 Little Tykes chairs. We have the table that match the chairs, but not all 4 chairs. Now we have 5 :). A little soap and water and they should be good as new!

My other trash find-a 3 drawer plastic cart. The best part is that it wasn't even dirty!

While we are on the subject of free. I scored all of these books for FREE! We were at a sale and the box said 10 cents. The first couple books had price tags on them that were much higher, so I asked what the price was. I was told they are free! The lady having the sale is a literature teacher and wanted to encourage reading. I would have paid 10 cents, and maybe more for them, as they were all excellent titles!

The rest of the things I paid for-but not much :). The very first sale we went to we were pretty much the first ones there. And, all the clothes were 25 cents. Once again, I loaded up on jeans. 5 pair of jeans, a swim suit, a pair of PJ's, a top and a pair of shoes-25 cents each. The underwear were 25 cents for 6 pairs. All for Charger, $2.50 total.

This is where I took a few too many pictures-sorry! I got all of these for Mustang at the quarter sale, except the Gap sweats (75 cents) and the 6 pair of underwear (10 cents each). 4 pair of jeans, 2 blazers (one is Gymboree), 2 dresses, 1 outfit, 2 sweaters (one Mustang HAD to have), a Limited Too button down, and the cutest plaid pullover from Gap. 4.85 for everything.

Next up was a teacher sale. I got these great trays (think Tot School) for 10 cents each.

And these science books for 3.00.

A mix of books 1.30 for all. The one book '...If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island' was part of the free stash from above and I missed it in the picture. The really fun thing is that our grandfather's name WAS changed at Ellis Island.

More fun school supplies and such. Puzzles, 50 cents, floor puzzle, 25 cents, lacing cards, 25 cents, peg game 50 cents. I was a little bummed that it was missing a few pegs, but we have another peg board so we will just interchange the pegs with it. And, note to self, if you pick up a package of lacing cards, look inside to make sure that it isn't the same set you bought a few weeks ago. At least it was only a quarter!

Little Tikes play mat, 2.00.

I didn't find any clothes for Mini Cooper or the new baby at the quarter sale, but I headed to a sale that advertised a ton of baby girl clothes. Let me tell you, they had a TON!! So many, in fact, that I became very overwhelmed and quit looking. It was all priced about 25 cents to 50 cents more then I wanted to pay, it was hot, the people having the sale were-surprisingly-NOT kid friendly, and I didn't want to dig through a bunch of stuff. I found 5 things. I think they were insulted. Oh well.

Next sale we went to everything STUNK of cat pee. I'd never been to a sale that bad before. BUT, they were the sale with the free books, so I dug for a few minutes (as long as I could stand) until I found a few things.

Finally, the third sale I found they had cute stuff for good prices. I was so glad I hadnt given up.

For the new baby (who needs a nickname!) 4 sleepers, the cutest pair of jeans, 2 Carter's tops and a Carter's set: 4.25.

From the cat pee sale (I couldnt even photograph the clothes together), Gymboree top, Agabang sleeper and a onesie: 1.35

The cutest Carter's sets for Mini Cooper. Have you noticed I LOVE Carter's? I used to be a Gymbo addict, but Gymbo is super hard to find around here. So, I've changed my addiction to Carters. 2.00

A couple pair of Carter's PJs, and some basics. 2.25

And, 2 pair of shoes 75 cents.

Mustang requested that I PLEASE include her treasures, too. Of course, Charger didnt want me to forget him either, so here are their finds. Barbie disco ball, 1.00, and the calculator pencil case, 25 cents, were Mustangs. The Mega blocks truck is Charger's, 25 cents.

And now, my favorites:

#3. The coolest See and Say toy that teaches geography and a stuffed globe, 1.50

#2. A huge box of wooden blocks and stacking trains, 6.00.

And favorite #1....a new toddler bed for Mini Cooper, complete with matress, 15.00!!! I prayed again this week, and God provided this awesome bed. It was on our list of needs, and I am very thankful to cross it off!!

I bought it in this FANCY neighborhood, and needed help putting it in my van. Well, it was my last stop and my van was loaded with all my other treasures (including the dirty chairs). The man loading my van said something like-uh, so you just go around to all the sales in the van, huh? The way he said it, I am sure he thought I was from the show Hoarders. Oh well. What he doesnt know is that we hardly ever buy anything new, so if we dont find it at a yard sale, we dont own it. I guess that's why I dont feel bad filling my van every Friday for a few summer months. With almost 4 kids, you need A LOT of stuff!

Did you go yard sailing this week? Any great treasures?? Come link up at My Life on a Taffy Pull!

And if you didnt, make sure you try to hit a few sales next week! Father's Day weekend is a GREAT weekend for sales!! You never know what treasure you might find!

God Bless!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

A-MAZING finds! I am so impressed! I would be apprehensive of the junking too...but my husband wouldn't be! I'd just have to take him with me! lol I already fashioned my plan for next week. Since my sales were such a bummer this past week, I'm going to a new suburb, the one with Trader Joe's. I'm going to pray ahead of time as well.

I love all the clothes and books you got! And the globe, what a treasure! I love my totschool trays!

Have a great week Garage Sale Buddy!

jess_hak said...

Oh my goodness! 2 great weeks in a row for you! I'm so glad that you found some clothes for Mustang. I went to 4 sales this weekend that all had the 6x-8 size clothing range for girls at good prices and great condition. I thought of you.

What a nice toddler bed. We just sold our Dora one with a mattress for the same price at our sale.

Talk about fun stuff for free!! Those 3 drawer carts can be 20 in the store!

I've had people ask me why I go garage saling every weekend too. What can I say....we don't buy new things hardly ever (even at Christmas half of the kids presents are used lol). The only time I consistently buy new clothes is Christmas and Easter. I think that it is just plain smart and good stewardship to buy used (especially when it is nice stuff!). Great week thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

Wow! What great deals! I am so jealous you found so many 25 cent clothes! They are gorgeous! Carter's is my favorite too. (:

Christina Feiler said...

Great finds this week. I bet some baking soda would really brighten the chairs up. It does wonders on little tikes stuff!! I'm thinking Scooter for the baby would be cute, not many cars smaller then a mini cooper! lol!!

Anonymous said...

What great finds! Those free books are awesome! I went to a homeschool convention this weekend.. so no yard sailing but I did score some nice treasures at the used curriculum sale :-)

Annette said...

What great finds the last couple of weeks!! Hooray for a toddler bed and dishwasher!!!! It's amazing the great things you can find! The haorders comment cracked me up. I've seen that show a few times, and it's all the motivation I need to clean my house! hehe
I pray before I do serious shopping too, and I believe that God does answer those prayers, especially when we want to be a good stewart of what He has given us!

Amy @ simply necessary said...

LOL...I'm glad I'm not the only mommy nerd who posts her garage sale finds!

Carolyn said...

I work as a marketing rep for Carter's so it's good to hear you love it! I am finding that all our Carter's clothes are lasting very well as they cycle through our 3rd little girl :). And it is all so stinking cute! I am loving looking through all your garage sale posts!