Monday, June 20, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures June 17th

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We headed down Saturday morning to spend the weekend with my parents and grandfather. We celebrated my birthday, my brother's birthday, Father's Day, my mother's birthday, and my parents anniversary, all of which happen within a 6 day period of one another! So, I'm a bit late with my yard sale finds, but that's okay!

We didnt find any real big items this week, but got a number of cute things for cheap-which would be a success for me :).

One of my favorite things was this Leaping Frogs bean bag toss game. I'm looking forward to bringing it out for school! 2.00. 2nd was a murder mystery game. You invite 6 friends to come over and everyone reads a script to find out who done it. We played one last year and loved it, so I was excited to find one for 1.00 since they usually run about 20, and you can really only play them once. There is also a firetruck floor puzzle, 1.00.

A few good books. They were 50 cents a piece so I only got a few. Mustang is really enjoying the book on tape. $3.50 total.

A new bag for me, 75 cents, baseball glove, 1.00, Little People Airplane (to limit the fighting over the Little People bus we got a couple weeks ago) 1.50, and something that has been on the top of Mustang's wish list, an electric toy guitar, $1.00.

A pair of shoes for Mustang on the left, 25 cents, and one for Mini Cooper to grow into on the right, 50 cents. The ones for Mustang look much dirtier in the picture then they are in real life! Those were a great find, because as we were packing later that evening for my parent's house. I pulled out a dress to take for her and realized she didnt have any shoes that would match. She reminded me of her new shoes-I love God's timing!

The first sale we went to was local (as in only about 7 miles from our house), and we knew the family. She was selling her 5 year olds clothes, and this was the first time she had gotten rid of anything she had. So, she had everything from Preemie to 4t. Her taste was EXACTLY like mine. To the point where I found sets that I had for Mustang when she was that little, and have since gotten rid of. The clothes were in perfect condition, and were either 50 cents or 2.00 for the really nice stuff. I spend waaaaay too much, but it was so fun. I dont go overboard too often, but hey, I'm a mommy of little girls. So, I know its somewhat normal to go overboard on cute baby girl clothes. Thank God I could do it for cheap! We also went to an awesome sale that was all Gymboree and Gap. So, um, yeah. I bought a lot of clothes!

4 maternity tops for me. There were 2 I didnt picture-one I'm wearing :). These were from the thrift 1.00 each.

My favorite finds for the baby:

All 0-3m, Old Navy dress, Ralph Lauren romper and dress, Carter's hoodie set and a little purple set with booties, $8.00.

All 3-6m, pink velour set, adorable animal jammies, Ralph Lauren velour romper, and 2 one piece outfits, $4.50.

6-12M, 4th of July set, Gymboree jumper, top and bloomers set, Old Navy cardigan, LeTop ducky set, and Carter's ducky dress set: $6.00.

Tons of basics: $16.00 for all.

My favorites for Mini Cooper:

Layered 2 coats in one Baby Gap denim pea coat, $4.00.

All Gymboree! Dress, 2 piece outfit, 2 tops, and a pair of heart jeans, $8.00.

The cutest embroidered jeans and corduroys. The first pair is a pair of TCP Pippi Jeans!! 2nd is a pair of cords exactly like a pair Mustang had, grafiti jeans, Old Navy flower patch, Gap polka dot, Old Navy brown cords, and Gap plain jeans. $12.00. A little splurge, but they are super cute, and all size 2T which is what I would pay at the Goodwill anyways.

The last of my favorites for Mini. Old Navy 4th of July outfit and tee shirt, Hungry Caterpillar swim suit, 3 piece set that-again-Mustang had the exact same one, Gymboree dress and bloomers, Zutano swing top and bloomer set. $6.50.

This picture has a brand new Flapdoodles Christmas top and a super cute black polka dot set, and a ton of basics for Mini Cooper. $10.00 total.

For Mustang, Justice plaid top, 2 Gymboree sets, Gymboree top, and a Gap layered top. $6.50.

And a few basics for Mustang that include a top that actually says Mustang on it (which I found fitting), and a pair of Hannah Montana pjs. I try to limit Hannah Montana clothes, but I find pjs to be a great place to wear lots of fun characters and TV stars. $3.75.

So my total was $103.75. I spent $64.50 of that at the one local sale. And, I got over 100 pieces of clothing for that price (I counted outfits as just one), it really was a deal!

I'm really looking forward to what this next weekend will bring!! I hope you found some great deals, too! I'm linked up at My Life On a Taffy Pull. Come check out her weekly linky!!


jess_hak said...

Oh my goodness!!! You had some really awesome clothing finds!! I really love that sweet little pea coat. Everything pictured looks so nice and clean. Don't you love finding a great sale?!

We don't wear characters out much either....but I agree jammies are a great/fun way to wear them. It makes the kids so happy. :)

jess_hak said...

P.S. I wanted to tell you that the bag that you got for yourself is REALLY cute!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Impressed as usual! I love the bag and baby gap coat as well! So much adorable gymboree!