Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: July 23rd

Hope your weekend deal finding was a good one, mine went pretty well! I actually had a yard sale of my own, but I will blog about that in a few weeks when we go on vacation and I cant yard sale at all :(.

We usually yard sale on Fridays, but I found ONE on Thursday to take the kids to (they are as addicted as I am). I also volunteered to take the fliers around to the neighborhood sale I was participating in (not MY neighborhood) and bought a few things. We stopped by the thrift as well (you know, donate a lot, buy a little!).

So here's what we found:

First off, books. LOTS of books. I found all but the Berenstain Bear books at one sale. We even found some to add to our Magic Tree house set! 25 cents each.

Boxed stuff ha ha. Mancala-can you believe I've actually BEEN to Africa and didnt own this game? My parents own a set I bought them, but of course they wanted to keep it (I cant blame them!), 1.00. Scrabble, 1.00. Yes, you have seen Scrabble the last few weeks already. But, it sells on eBay-the game and or pieces. So, I plan to use what I need and sell what I dont. Playdough-was new in box, but this is what DH used to entertain the kids while I was gone to our yard sale. Good idea!! $3.00.

A bunch of sweet baby clothes for Baby Explorer. Sorry the picture isnt so sweet. Not sure what happened! Ralph Lauren outfit, Carter's sleeper, Gap Leopard print dress and leggings, Baby Style outfit Gymboree sweeter and Gymboree romper were all from our great church thrift (the thrift is actually a ministry of the church I attend), 1.00 each, and the rest (mostly Carter's) were from the one and only yard sale I drove to after our yard sale on Friday. 9.00 for everything in the picture.

Clothes for the big kids. Gymboree dress, 1.00 Gymboree capris, 25 cents, a ladybug costume (no wings) 1.00, and a pair of Nikes 10 cents, for Mustang. Polo shirt, 25 cents, Gymboree top, 25 cents, and a pair of Stride Rite tennis, 10 cents, for Charger.

Odds and ends. 2 headbands for the baby, 50 cents. The CUTEST glass pitcher (think pouring tray) 50 cents. The helicopter was Charger's treasure, 1.00. And, when she saw her brother with a plane, Mini Cooper just HAD to have the airplane, 50 cents.

Great deal, terrible picture! Large plastic 3 drawer unit. I plan to put this in my closet and put Baby Explorer's stuff in it. Otherwise I will have to climb the stairs with a newborn-I think not!! $1.00.

Two pairs of sweet baby girl shoes. The silver are Trumpettoo, 1.00, and the pink are Laura Ashley, 2.00.

And my two stealth purchases (sooo much easier without kids lol).

Discovery Toys Marbleworks. This is a picture from Amazon and is really just an example. Mine isnt even this color, but I didnt want to ruin my surprise by taking a picture and getting caught. It will probably be a group Christmas gift. Set and 10 marbles, 1.00.

And this vintage Spirograph game. Again, not my picture. These sell on eBay as well. It is missing one piece, however. If I can get a happy price for it I will sell. If not, it will be a gift for Mustang. 1.00.

These are specifically to sell. It is a 16 book lot of The Happy Hollisters Mysteries. If I had the bookshelf space I'd keep them but DH is limiting me to 2 bookshelves. Yikes! I paid $5.00 for the set, and hope to sell them for about $30.00!

I guess my total was about 33.00-always missing some odds and ends! It didnt take me near a long to spend it either. Its amazing how quickly you can get in and out of a sale without 3 kids! That's okay, they enjoy going. It was nice to have the chance without them, though!

I'm linked up at My Life on a Taffy Pull. And the first time over at Yard Sale Mommy.

Good luck on your yard sailing this weekend!! God Bless!!


Debbie said...

I love the Spirograph set. What do you call a happy price?

Mrs. Taffy said...

Nice! Nice! Nice! I think I get might get to garage sale without little people this week too! Mr. Taffy is home and he was going to take me but then the shed building got moved because of the weather so he'll likely have to stay home, but little people can stay home too! Woohoo! :o)

Carolyn said...

Nice on the ladybug costume! I've got to send some prayers up to Him, hoping I can find some dress up outfits for the girls. They loooove dressing up! :) LOVE the marble thing and I am sure so will your kiddos! And nice on the 3 drawer bin. A super find for $1! It is much easier going saling without kids, I agree! I think that goes for all kinds of shopping. :)

Yard Sale Mommy said...

Love your finds! I had that spirograph set as a child, and would LOVE to find one of those for my girls. How cool. And I have never heard of those books, but I will be on the lookout now. Love learning new things!