Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Pink Tower!

We finally have a pink tower in our classroom and we are all very excited about it!! Being on a limited budget means that we cant purchase all the official Montessori Materials for our classroom, but I am trying hard to add more of them this year. Even though the Knobbed Cylinders are supposed to come before the pink tower, they are also about 3 times the price, so the pink tower was on our list first :).

While Mustang was working on something else, I brought out our new treasure. Charger, Mini Cooper and I explored the new tower together. I let them touch it and take it apart, and try to put it together as they wanted to.

They looked over it for a little bit and then Mini Cooper wanted to do something else. So, I went ahead and presented the tower properly to Charger.

He had to rearrange a few blocks here and there, but overall he did very well with the tower. I think he is really into his sensory period, and he loves puzzles and anything that 'fits' together, so he really enjoyed this work.

Charger did well enough that I went ahead and pulled out the pink tower cards I had printed from Montessori Print Shop. As I first laid out the cards he thought 'paper work' and quickly told me he wasnt interested. So I matched the first little cube and asked if he could find the match for the second. Now it was a puzzle, game, and challenge all in one and he was excited. He happily matched the rest of the cubes to their cards. I will have to get him some extension cards to hold his interest.

So far it is certainly a hit. I hope that Charger tries the Pink Tower work at least a few times on his own. I know that Mustang is excited to give it a try as well.

And if you are wondering, I ordered our pink tower from Kid Advance. I was very pleased with my product.

God Bless!!

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Debbie said...

I love the expression of complete joy on your son's face.

Amanda said...

Oh I'm jealous! :) Someday I'd love to hear a post on how you do budget for school-related expenses. I just see so many things I'd love to get for my little ones and it's hard to budget/prioritize. This tower is going on our wishlist!

Anonymous said...

Lovely!! So glad they liked it!!

Jessica said...

Sensorial really is so much fun. The pink tower is one of the first "real" Montessori materials we bought too.

Mommy to the Princesses said...

Thanks for stopping by! I kept a small budget every month and slowly added to the stuff we have. These materials are so awesome but pretty expensive! For the cylinder blocks I ordered the mini version that has only 5 cylinders instead of 10 per block. I don't think I want to spend over 100 dollars in one piece of equipment!

Deb Chitwood said...

Love the photos of your children enjoying their work with the pink tower! It's great that you have the Montessori Print Shop cards, too. I always loved introducing different extensions for the pink tower to add new interest. Deb @

Nicole said...

Awww...they look so happy to have the pink tower! Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday. :)

Deb Chitwood said...

I just featured one of your photos and your post at Have a happy Labor Day! :)