Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Number Boxes and Counting Mats

I myself an am extremely hands on learner when it comes to math. So, my kids are getting the 'hands on' explination whether they need it or not. One way I teach counting is with our number boxes.

I found a bunch of old straight pin boxes (I think that's what they held, or maybe screws) at the Salvation Army. At a yard sale last year, I found these great foam numbers. I put a number in each box along with an object to count in each box. I found the counters at yard sales, dollar store, my craft stash, etc.

I printed off the 1-10 sticker sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler (scroll down to the math section), and laminated them. When we take the objects out of each box, we place them in a square and count them together. The little objects really hold their attention, and I know that Charger's counting is getting much better-Mustang has it mastered but still likes to join in the fun.

I actually plan to put this on the shelf as an indepentent work soon. I'm interested in how the kids will do on their own!

God Bless!!


jess_hak said...

I really like this idea....I really like all you ideas. lol I guess I'm a hands on learner when it comes to math because this activity completely makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing! :)

Amber said...

Great idea!
My son is very hands on so this type of activity would work wonders for him. Thanks for sharing!

On your past post looks like you hit the jack pot with the garage sales!

Very nice blog!

Carolyn said...

LOVE this!!!

The girl who painted trees said...

LOVE this too and need to find boxes so I can make this for J-jo. What finds you have a sales!