Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garage Sale Finds: August 26th & September 2nd

The Garage Sale Treasures linky is over for the summer, but our yard sales are not. I have been told that you all really enjoy reading about my finds, so I figured I'd keep posting about them every few weeks. I dont think I'll bore you with all my finds, but I will show you my favorites :).

The first stop last weekend was at our library's semi-annual book sale. {insert cheesy grin here} We found some GREAT titles. These were all the hardbacks. With the exception of The Ugly Stepsisters, Mustang's pick, they are all EXCELLENT titles. Best Friends for Frances, Grandfather's Journey, and Petunia were my favorite finds.

These were the paper backs we found along with a few board books and a Mother Goose Teacher's idea book that we found at other sales. $5.75 for all the books.

Our church was having multiple sales throughout the city last week to raise money for a mission in Somalia, and we went to two of them. The one sale had a whole table of baby girl clothes, about 1/2 of them still new with tags. There was one catch, the new stuff had something on them! Like set in stains. Due to the fundraiser, I did buy them and have gotten some of it off. I hope it all comes off because, for 50 cents a piece the dresses especially are BEAUTIFUL!! Thankfully, the gingham set with frogs didnt have any stains. These were my favorite pieces from the sale-all but one is for Explorer, one for Mini Cooper. $2.50 for the sets in the picture.

Now, I did find more clothes last week, but after this week I am not too worried about posting the pictures. This week, I went to an AWESOME sale!! You know, one of the ones where I spend all my money at once? This house was in a great neighborhood, and pretty much everything they were selling was Gap. What wasnt Gap was Gymboree, TCP or Old Navy. When I walked up, ladies were carrying away huge TOTES full of things! I hate to know what I missed, but even what I got was exciting. Did I mention everything was priced between 10 cents and 3.00! Most only 50 cents/1.00!

First up, for Charger. The red pants and polo shirt are Gymboree, all the rest are Gap-including a pair of 1969 jeans. $9.00 total.

For Explorer, everything in this picture is Gap about $5.00 for everything.

Again, for Explorer. 3 Gymboree sets, one Ralph Lauren, 1 Baby Style, 2 Janie and Jack rompers for next summer, and one Gap outfit I missed in the first picture. $11.50 total.

And these are some of the cutest clothes I have bought all summer long! I love the Baby Gap shirts with embroidered pictures and sayings on them. I bought all they had. The pjs and tights are Gap as well, 11.75 for all.

On to some school stuff. Beautiful lacing boards from Melissa and Doug, 50 cents.

Sorting bears, 2.00, colored blocks for stacking and sorting, 25 cents, and extra pieces for our Melissa and Doug alphabet puzzle, 25 cents. Which piece did you need Mrs. Taffy? :)

I was VERY excited about this find!! About a month ago, Charger broke our VCR and I was debating whether to get a new one or sell our VCR tapes. This $1.00 VCR-that works!! helped me decide!

Charger found this at the super fun sale for $5.00! From what I see on eBay, he got an EXCELLENT deal!

Mustang found a fun Easy Bake oven like this one-still in the box-at a sale for $1.00! I was quite please with my little shoppers this weekend.

Last week, I as able to sneak this adorable castle for Charger's Christmas gift. I found this photo online, his is hiding in my closet. Ours had everything except the play mat for $4.00!

And last but CERTAINLY not least!! One of my favorite all time finds...a TEEPEE!!!!!!! I love how big it gets, and how small it folds up. Best part-it cost just $15.00. The kids have been having a great time! And when they tire of it? I can just put it away in a corner because it folds up completely. I think that teaching about the Native Americans is going to be great fun :).

Have you found any great treasures lately? Let me know in your comments so I can come read about them. I know for some of you, yard sales are just getting into full swing. And, for us they are picking back up. I plan to go yard sailing until Miss Explorer's birth, so check back for my finds!

God Bless!!


Amanda said...

I love a good library booksale. Ours has one every month!

I'm so envious of the pricing where you live. When we lived in central IL, the prices were great. Now we're back in Chicago-area and everything is much more expensive. I can usually find better prices on the sale racks! :(

Debbie said...

This was sure the weekend here for garage sales. However, I didn't find more then a couple of items, that we needed. Missed out on a bunch of children's books by just two steps behind a friend of mine.

LeeanneA / KMullally said...

Awesome finds! Great prices! Aren't garage sales fun! Here are my finds - you'll be amazed!

Mrs. Taffy said...'re making me jealous! I did get to go thrifting today and it was SOOO fun! I never told you but the week after I lost that puzzle piece, I went out garage saling again and ended up at the same house and she actually saved the piece for me! She was hoping we would come back. It was totally a "God thing" because I usually remember the signs and don't go back to old sales. I was so happy!

You found GREAT stuff! Good job!

Jennifer said...

What FABULOUS finds!!!! Great deals!!

Visiting you for the first time today and LOVE your blog! Your kids are so ADORABLE!! Looking forward to coming back and reading more!

Have a great week!

Mama Wally said...

I could sure learn a thing or 2 from your garage sale posts! Next year I'm going to have to pay much more attention to the sales around me. :)

busy little bee said...

Great finds! I love the lace up boards. I just posted my yard sale finds.

Carolyn said...

Loooove the Sandra boyton books, gap clothes and lacing cards. And you found counting bears!! I've been hoping to find those! We have a teepee tent and my girls have so much fun in it! I can't wait to see baby number four! ;). Hope you are doing well!!