Monday, September 5, 2011

TOS Review: Flea Circus by R & R Games

I am so excited to tell you about a game that we were recently sent for review!! When Flea Circus from RnR Games first arrived at our home, the cute little box full of dogs and cats were appealing to all of us. I wasnt able to play it right then, but the kids snuck the box off my desk and had a lot of fun playing with the adorable little dogs and cats.

Aren't they cute? They certainly drew us in!

Mustang and I started playing Flea Circus together the first time, then Daddy was able to join us later. The instructions were a little involved and I was afraid she wouldnt understand them. But, I was wrong! She understood everything about the game.

The object is to play cards that will win you the most spectators-dogs and cats. Depending on the card you choose to play, you may get those spectators from the pile, OR from other players. I was a little worried that Mustang would have her feelings hurt when I 'stole' animals from her. But, when Daddy played with us he stole from her and she stole them right back :).

I loved that there were many different concepts being taught at the same time. Mustang had to figure out which of her cards would earn her the most spectators, and how she wanted to get them (from the pile or others). The spectators were worth different amounts-dogs are worth 2, and cats are worth 1. So, if Mustang would receive 2 spectators, she had to decide between 1 dog or 2 cats. At the end of the game, she got to practice counting by ones and by 2's. She also practiced adding AND greater then less then to decide who had won the game.

The age range for Flea Circus begins at 6 years of age, and I think this age is right on. Mustang will be 6 at the end of the month, and she is just able to understand. Any younger, and I am not sure. Charger and Mini Cooper loved being the REAL spectators, since Daddy asked them to take care of his spectators while we played.

Why I think that you should add Flea Circus to your game library:

*Teaches great math and decision making concepts
*Cute game pieces and cards
*Fun for the whole family
*Affordable price point
*Compact and easy to store

I asked my daughter and husband if there was anything they DIDNT like about Flea Circus, and Mustang said 'I didnt like when Daddy stole my animals...but I liked stealing them from him!' My husband and I thought that the game took a little to understand, but he pointed out that all GOOD games take some effort. So, I guess that it was a positive in the end.

Flea Circus is made and sold by RnR Games Incorporated, and retails for $15.95. Through the end of the year RnR games is offering 20% off your purchase, if you use the code CREW20. So, I'm thinking this will be going on the Christmas list for a few little people I know!! I would recommend it for yours, too.

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This has been a TOS Crew review. Thank you to RnR games for providing my family with a complimentary copy of Flea Circus for our review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Alyssa said...

Thanks for the review. I never know what to send to my niece and nephew (who are 6). This might be on the Christmas list this year :)