Saturday, September 24, 2011

Garage Sale Finds September

I have to say that I really love yard sailing in the fall.  The weather is good, the sun goes down early-helping me to limit my yard sailing, and the people just want to get rid of their stuff.

I have noticed something about yard sales at different times of the year.  In the spring, prices are higher, there are more shoppers, and the stuff is generally a bit nicer.  In the fall, prices are lower, there are less shoppers, and the things arent quite as nice (across the board).  Generally, the people in the spring are your 'early birds' and more organized then the fall procrastinators, and they take care of their things accordingly.  The spring sales want to make money, the fall sales want to GET RID OF STUFF!!  What I love is to hit those few procrastinators that actually have nice stuff, but are still willing to sell them cheap!

Last weekend, especially, we did quite well.  Here are some of the highlights:

Some school stuff:
Banana Grams, 2.00
Silver tray with a cream and sugar bowl-great for pouring work, 75 cents
Books, including a Madeline book that we gave Mustang for her birthday, 2.25 total

A really fun find that I hope my MIL enjoys as much as I think she will.  This is her Pfaltzgraff set.  For 5.00
I got 8 salad plates, 8 pedestal mugs and a serving bowl.  If she doesnt want any of it, I will sell them.

I found a bunch of fun stuff for school trays:

Green and white cream and sugar, 1.00
Beautiful Noritake cream and sugar, 2.00
Cute little basket with two duck baskets, 50 cents
3 sets of fruit coasters for a very simple sorting game, 30 cents for all

Up close of the Noritake cream and sugar.  BEAUTIFUL! 

Three fun games for school.  LOVE the Symmetrix game.  It is a board of 1/2 the pictures and you have to match the other side to the picture.  Also, there is a box of Transportation lacing cards.  I love to have different lacing cards for themes :).  2.50 total.

And THIS, my friends, made the entire trip worth going.  I hit a Ben Franklin parking lot sale.  If you dont have a Ben Franklin, think mini Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  They've been around a lot longer, too.  A location in another town closed, and they brought all the extras to our local store and sold it in the parking lot.  Fill a bag for 5.00!!  They were pretty big bags, and I filled 3 of them!!  The apple basket was extra at 2.00.  So I spent 18.36 for everything in this photo.  Oh man are my Tot Trays and sensory bins going to get an upgrade!!

Summary of what is here:
Tons of bananas, cherries, limes, and oranges 
A bunch of orange leaves
Whole can of Easter eggs
A bowl full of wooden balls for painting
A huge basket of little wreaths for Christmas and Easter projects
A huge basked full of stickers, pom poms, pipe cleaners, gems, clippies, Popsicle sticks and more
2 books
Plastic lacing animals and people
11 baskets and bowls in various sizes (including the apple basket)
A wire shelf that Mustang HAD to have
and 4 St Patrick's Day stampers

Yes ALL THAT for $18.36 (I had to pay tax since it was a store).

I was in a bit of Learning Trays HEAVEN :).

So, I know that the weekly link ups are over, but if you went yard sailing lately I'd love to read about your finds.  Leave me a link so I can come read!!

Have a great weekend and God Bless!!


LeeanneA / KMullally said...

I am so glad I am not the only blogger who garage sales for her kiddies. I love your finds! Thanks for posting them - it's good to see other deals out there! Here are the ones I got today!

Anonymous said...

What a fun week! Love that you found a parking lot sale! What a great deal!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the games! The learining trays are going to be awesome with all your treasures.

Mama Bird said...

I love seeing your finds. I love garage sales but haven't been yo one in years. Having to tote 4 kids with me and 3 that need me to strap and unstrap them can be hard. They always get super irritated by the in and out. We do have some great thrift store that we frequent. It's funny though because in the spring there is always LOTS to choose from it dwindles down until after Christmas then there is lots of good stuff again. Sometimes even December is a good month people cleaning out clutter to get ready to have more clutter come in from the holidays.

Mrs. Taffy said...

SWEET! I actually made it to a couple garage sales this week! It was so fun! I found a great pack of skin color crayons-brand new! And I was brave enough to talk her to selling them to me for a dollar instead of the 3 dollars she had on there! I'm such a chicken sometimes! Happy fall!

Tracey M. said...

What a great post! This is so true about the yard sales. I love those beautiful creamers you found. You took me back to my childhood too mentioned the Ben Franklin. When we were old enough, my mom let us ride our bikes "up town" and that was our favorite stop. They had a candy wall like you wouldn't believe. Love finding such great deals too.

Char said...

Great finds. I love to see all the educational items you pick up for such great prices. I know in previous posts you said you resell some items. I just started going to yardsales a few months ago. I've picked up some toys that I am waiting to sell on ebay during christmas. Any advice on when to sell them? I've already been posting other items. I am just holding out on key big items.