Monday, November 7, 2011

TOS Review: The Person I Marry from Bower Books

My children are just starting to 'think' about marriage.  You know, the times when they honestly think that they will marry their brother or sister when they grow up.  And, in our case, if they cant marry their brother, they will just marry the neighbor boys.  It's quite humorous to hear Mustang mention in a matter-of-fact way that she will marry the funny boy at AWANA, or Charger, or maybe even Daddy. But, I know that her heart is already starting to form a 'list' for her prince.  I want to be able to help her form that list into one that will have a Godly, wise, and loving husband who isnt perfect but IS Heaven-sent.  The Person I Marry is the perfect book to help her mold that 'perfect' list.  

As parents of 12 children and grandparents of nine, Gary and Jan Bowers have used their God-given talents to provide an amazing resource to talk to your children and teens about marriage.  Jan Bowers' beautiful paintings illustrate 35 pages of character traits to look for in a spouse, written by her husband of 32 years, Gary.  

Here is a little video to tell you about the book.  WARNING, you may need a tissue!

I must say, that I think every Christian couple needs this book in their home.  It is the kind of book that you lay on the coffee table and hope that visitors pick up and read.  The Person I Marry describes God's intentions for marriage in simple but challenging words.  It carries the kind of message that I hope my children will have ingrained in their thinking from the very onset of 'marriage' thoughts.  

While reading The Person I Marry to my children, I realized that though written on a child's level, I got so much out of the book that they did not.  I was challenged while reading to make sure that I am being the kind of wife my son should be looking for when he chooses a wife, and the kind of wife that I promised my husband I would be when I married him almost 11 years ago.

Winner of the 2010 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award, The Person I Marry and other Bower Books have received raving reviews from Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, Gary Smalley, Eric & Leslie Luddy and more.  The Person I Marry is a beautiful book both inside and out.  The pictures are breathtaking and the story line is perfect.  It is a must have for any family library.  

The Person I Marry, by Gary Bowers, illustrated by Jan Bowers, can be purchased from Bower Books for just $11.99.   And, they are currently offering free shipping on orders over $30.00. It would make a perfect gift, especially for a wedding.  

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God Bless!!

This is an Old Schoolhouse review.  Thank you to Bower Books for providing my family with a digital copy of this book for review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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