Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter and Valentine's Activity Trays!!

Tomorrow is my monthly day to 'teach' at our homeschool co-op preschool group.  
Here is what will be on the trays this month:

Snowman addition game.  I found this idea on My Montessori Journey.

It is free for download from Making Learning Fun.

Snowman Colors.  I found out about this great printable from Deb at Pre-K and K Sharing (also LivingMontessoriNow).

It is available at The Kids Place.

Heart patterning.  I downloaded pattern strips from PreKinders.

Then I paired them with the hearts from a pack of candies I got from Oriental Trading Company (not an affiliate link).

Snowman magnet page, also from The Kid's Place. 

I found this through Deb's Pinterest page.

Roll a snowman.

How Tall is the Snowman?

Yet another great printable from The Kid's Place.

Matching Snowflakes.

Tweezing feathers.  I found this idea on My Montessori Journey.

Mini Cooper got into my bin of materials while I was putting together other trays.

She started doing this on her own, so I hope the other kids like it, too.

Felt heart sorting. I made this one up a couple of years ago.

It's nice to have it already made up :).

Lacing beads.

Opening and closing little heart boxes.  There is a little bead in each one.

Red boxes are from the Dollar Tree. 

Heart sticks from the Dollar Tree put into a Parmesan holder (also from the Dollar Tree).  

Penguin pattern blocks from Prekinders.

Heart scratchers I found at Hobby Lobby.  

Water transfer.  I made the mistake of pouring all the water out before I took a picture!  I got this idea from My Montessori Journey.

Spelling puzzles by Lauri.

Matching written numbers to the numeral.

I made these 2 years ago, so they aren't as great as some of my newer printables.  You can find them here.

Count and clip cards.

These are from Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep.

Matching the uppercase snowman to his lowercase hat is one more great printable from The Kid's Place.

It was featured on PreK and K Sharing, which is how I heard about it :).

So there you have it, 20 Activity Trays or Tot Trays as some would call them.  I'm so thankful for the many printables that are shared by wonderful blog mommies out there!  It really made my job a breeze this time!!

Enjoy and God Bless!!

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Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

Yay! You always have such wonderful trays and I go a little pin crazy with them :) We are doing Valentine's Day trays sometime in February, so I happy for the inspiration! I would love for you to share this post at WOTT!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!! Wish we could come!

Trina said...

Hi! I love all of your trays!! I am visiting from Thrifty Thurs. I bought the same red hearts on sticks and sugar shaker today from the Dollar Tree. Can't wait to use it in Feb. Thanks for sharing all the great tray ideas!

"The Kids Place" Home Daycare and Preschool said...

Thanks for sharing your workboxes. Your ideas helped me in trying to get mine done this week. And thanks for sharing some of my printables with your readers.

Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

Thanks for sharing these at WOTT! I have a bunch of supplies ready for Valentine's Day but will wait until next week or the week after to put the trays together. I hope Explorer is feeling well!

Katie said...

This is a PERFECT post for Thrifty Thursday, I'm so glad you linked up! Isn't it amazing how many FREE activities there are out there in cyberspace?? You did an absolutely fantastic job!

Ms. Rachel said...

This is a great post ! Thanks!

Im your newest follower!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Deb Chitwood said...

Wow! Lucky kids at your homeschool co-op preschool group! Your trays look very inviting! Thanks so much for linking to my posts at Living Montessori Now and PreK + K Sharing. I featured your snowman addition photo in my Montessori-Inspired Winter activities post at and also pinned your post to my Kids' Valentine Activities Pinterest board at