Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mustang's Weekly Wrap Up

So I started to write everyone up in one post again, and it was too long and confusing and I couldn't add any commentary.  I am going to do separate posts for each kiddo as I have a chance.  There will be some duplicates, and some not.  Hopefully, I wont bore you!

Mustang is age 6 1/2, she is still in Primary Montessori since we are really just starting.  She is on the fast track (pretty much as quickly as I can buy and present the materials), but we are starting with period 1, in all but Math and Language.

Some of her highlights from the last few weeks:

Practical Life:

Button frame (this was easy for her).  

She has been helping a lot in the kitchen.  She asks all the time if she can help me with the dishes.  I am trying more and more to let go.  I just ordered child size cleaning supplies, so hopefully she will enjoy using them.


Geometry cabinet presentation tray, later blindfolded.

Touch Boards-she liked them the most of all my children.  She is really into her sense of touch at the moment.

Geometric solids.  I used a natural set I already had on hand and added in the Platonic solids made of cardstock.  Mustang really wants to make her own nets-I told her she could soon!


Our fast track has been taking us down a review of math as we go through the math materials.  She is ready (previous knowledge wise) to start the golden bead material.  But, I wanted to get there the correct way.  So, we have been using the materials ahead of it quickly.  She is almost there!!

Sandpaper letters.

Number rods.

And extensions.

Table top rods, intro to addition and subtraction.

Spindle boxes.

Cards and counters.  These are homemade using red floral gems.  This was very basic for her, but we had never discussed odd and even numbers.  So, it was fun for her to learn something new.

This cards and counters worksheet is from Wikisori.


Mustang is still going through her All About Reading and First Start Reading.  

She was excited when I downloaded books for her to read on the Kindle Fire!


Well kind of art.  She was observing Charger working on his math and drew this 10 rod.

 Then, she drew a barnyard scene-we have been reading Charlotte's Web.

Another day, she drew a spider web and a lot of spiders.  Unfortunately, all the drawings were on our dry erase board.  That's a large part of why I took the photos-this is my only way of preserving the drawing.  

Culture is kind of at a stand still.  I just received our sandpaper globe and landforms, so we should be moving forward next week.

Oh and we had one other unplanned Practical Life!  HAIR CUTTING!!!  Mustang thought that she would like to be like her aunt, so she cut Mini Cooper's hair!!!  Grrrr!!

Mini's hair on Tuesday.

Mini Cooper's hair on Wednesday!

Yep, over 6 inches.  It looks cute-after I fixed it-but I'm a little sad (now that I'm not angry).  I'm glad that hair cutting is not a normal part of the Montessori Primary education :).

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Mustang is really liking Montessori learning! She also had a great week (minus the hair cutting).. it still looks super cute but I hear you on the sad part too!

My Boys' Teacher said...

Oh my! I think every little girl cuts hair she isn't supposed to once in her life. Better now than when she's 22.

It's great seeing all of her work! Loved this post!

jess_hak said...

Looks like the switch is going great and very smoothly for you!

I'm really looking forward to getting AAR and AAS. I think that Annabelle will be very happy with the program.

Carolyn said...

Your girls are looking sooo big! And I so had to laugh about the hair cutting thing. Only because I know this will definitely be a story I tell one day! :)