Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 3

Oh it was a fabulous weekend for yard sailing.  Beautiful weather and TONS of sales, only draw back was that we didn't have much time to go yard sailing.  That's okay, though.  I found a fabulous sale of ALL BOOKS!!  A 3rd grade teacher was retiring and selling ALL her books!  THOUSANDS OF THEM for 50 cents each!  I just wish I had more money and more space!  I even went back a second time when I found more cash, lol!  I found a few other goodies, too.

I guess I'll kinda take turns between clothes and books to keep things interesting :). 

My favorite purchases, 3 Robert McCloskey books.  He is my favorite author and I NEVER find him used. $1.50.

Three super cute skirts for Mustang to grow into.  $3.00.

Three pairs of jeans, all embellished, for Mustang.  $3.00.

A pair of footie PJS-she loves footie pjs, and a Gymboree top, $2.00.

Every book in this photo is a Five in a Row Title!!!  I was so happy!!  $4.00.

Two tops and a skirt for ME :).  I'm always happy to find clothes for me, which isn't often.  50 cents each!

All but one of these books are by Kate Waters and have photographs by Russ Kendall.  I LOVE his photos.  $3.00.

I really like the If You Lived At the Time of... series.  I was able to pick up 7 of them (one duplicate, oops), and a few other I Can Read books.  $6.50.

Mini Cooper finds.  PJs, $1.75.  Hello Kitty swim suit, $2.00.  Gymboree capris (from my favorite line ever) 50 cents, and 10 pairs of Dora, Princess, and Yo Gabba Gabba undies. We are starting potty training a week from Monday.  BTW, I knew the lady selling the undies.  I'm a bit weird about buying used unless I know the person.  All of Charger's underwear come from the same family, lol.

I'd never heard of this set, but I think it's going to be great.  They are by Ruth Heller (love her) and they are about parts of grammar: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and other collective nouns.  I'm hoping they are helpful for Mustang.  $3.00.

A few cute items for Explorer.  Stripe romper was $1.00, polka dot set $2.00.  The other 3 pieces were 25 cents each :).

Math with food books.  $2.00.  

For Charger, top and short set, $1.50, top and jeans, 2.00, Bob the Builder pjs, 1.50.

Curious George books, Madeline Books, and two books I found at a yard sale BEFORE the book sale.   $3.50, four of the books were only 25 cents.

LOVE.THIS!!  It's a super huge-think double poster board size-flannel graph board!!  The flannel pieces are home made, and there was an extra bag of felt.  $5.00!

More books, these are all mostly about the US and US History.  Love the L is for Lincoln and The Children's Book of America books!  $5.00.

These weren't at the teacher's sale, but I am THRILLED.  They are just what I need for Charger, in fact we already used them today and he did great with them!  There are 25 double sided Phonetic Word Drill Cards.  Seriously, God sent these at just the right time because I know they are what Charger needs.  They were 50 cents.  

I also picked up a set of Attribute Logic Shapes.  They may or may not be useful in making a Tessellation set, we will see.  $1.00.

More books from the teacher sale.  I think I now own all the Frances books.  They are so cute!  $3.50.

Looking forward to bringing more poetry into our learning.  I hope the Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost books help. $6.00

And a few well loved chapter books, Ramona, Indian in the Cupboard and The Chocolate Touch. 
$3.00-they were a quarter each. 

And certainly the BIG find.  A Disney princess TV for Mustang.  The DVD player doesn't work, but the hook ups do.  $2.00!

Yikes my total was $73.00!!  But, $41.00 of that was for over 80 books.  I am now going to have to do some purging of old books to make room for the new.  That's okay with me!

I hope you had a great weekend of yard sailing, too!  Come link up and tell us about it at My Life on a Taffy Pull! 

God Bless :)


Erynn said...

Love that you got all those FIAR titles for 50 cents each! What a find. That's better than my deal. Of course, I already have most of those ones you found. But at 50 cents each I may have gotten a second set myself. lol.

Mrs. Taffy said...

Wow oh Wow! You are making A LOT of people jealous with all of those books! What a treasure!

jess_hak said...

I am certainly jealous of all those books.....I am drooling over them! :) What a great find! Some really great clothes too!

Angela said...

Those are some awesome book finds. And that TV, YAY!!

Maybe a high end price but you would have paid that for the FIAR books alone!

Keeper of the Home... said...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE...Robert McCloskey books. My very very very favorite book by him is One Day In Maine - so sweet and delightful! And you are right they are NEVER found used! I have been looking for any of his books to no avail, yet! You were so glad you found them!

The "What if" series is really good isn't it...filled with lots of information and they keep the children's attention.

Have a great day.

Keeper of the Home... said...

One more thing...another good book to look for is:

The Declaration of Independence by Sam Fink. I really like this book. The author does a really nice job breaking up the wordage and making it very easy to understand. The illustrations are whimsical and helps the author complete the meaning...
There is even a vocabulary list at the end of the book...we used this last year as our "vocab."- my children loved it. I did blog about it. The title is "They took the challenge" - if you want more information on it...

It's a Lacy Life said...

Wow! You found some really awesome books, and at just .50 each, what a bargain! Great finds!

I recognize many of the titles that we have in our home library as well! I'm a "sucker" for great picture books with beautiful illustrations...I find myself holding on to many of them, even though my children are out-growing them, it's like my own personal ADULT picture book "stash"! LOL!

It's a Lacy Life