Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mid Summers Art Faire

This weekend we had the privilege of attending a fantastic art festival in the big town 'near' us.  There were tons of artists featuring their special works from drawings and paintings to jewelry and pottery.  

DH was out of town on a men's canoeing trip, so I took all 4 kiddos {alone} and went to the fair!  Because of this, I found it was not a good idea to visit all the art booths because Charger and Mini Cooper were taking turns trying to touch all the beautiful things and I couldn't afford to purchase broken art.  So, we went over to the kids' hands on art area and had a blast!  As luck would have it, my awesome FIL showed up and held Explorer so that I could join in the fun with the kids. We had a great time!!

Here are some of the highlights:


She was so focused!

Explorer helping me man the camera before Grandpa arrived.

I kinda wish Charger's had been lighter, but he was so pleased :).

These were the porta potties-right next to the kids area.  They had air conditioning and running water!! 

We were so blessed that our aunt was helping out at the potting wheel, so she helped the kids make little bowls.

Their hands got very icky (the porta potties helped with that).

Mini loved it!!

Posing in masterpieces.

We had a lot of fun!!  Hope your summer is going well!

God Bless :).

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