Monday, July 2, 2012

Yard Sale Treasures Week 6

Wow, summer is flying by!!  I actually purchased these items last weekend, but we were packing and traveling all week so I didn't get a chance to post them!  There were only a few yard sales on Friday night, but we were able to find a few treasures.  We found one sale that was fill a box for 5.00, so many of the clothes came from that sale.  

For Mini Cooper, super soft hooded vest/dress thing-so cute, $1.00.  Love the chicken dress so I paid more then normal, 3.00.  Gymboree day dress was part of the box sale

More for Mini Cooper, TCP top, Gymbo shorts, 4th of July dress and 1 pair of pjs all part of the box sale.  Little Mermaid PJs, 1.00.

For Explorer, Gap dress and the two skirts are from the box sale.  Zutano dress, 1.00, pjs were 1.00 each.

For Mustang, swim suit, 1.00, cute shorts, 1.00.

For Mustang all part of the box sale.  Explorer wanted to get them :).

More for Mustang from the box sale. sale for Mustang.  Jeans turned out to be too high waisted, but they were super cheap so it's okay!

Beautiful bath hand towels, 3.00.

Cute set for Mini Cooper, 2.00.  Lounge pants for me, 2.00.

Books and movies.  2 Harry Potter books, 75 cents each.  Arch books!!!  I buy every one I find, 10 cents each.  Charlotte's Web 2 DVD, 50 cents.

This was a fun find!!  I found 2 throw pillows, 3 shams, a dust ruffle, 4 valences and tie backs for 8.00!!

Here's a better view against my white sheets.  I just need to find a new white comforter.  

And last but not least, an apple like this one.  (I found this picture on eBay, not mine) I paid just 25 cents!!  Explorer LOOOOVES it!!

Total spent (on shown items) 33.00!  Not too bad.
I found a handful of great gifts, too.  I'll show them in my gift post coming soon :).

Did you find anything fun this weekend (or two weeks ago like me, lol)?  Come link up at My Life on a Taffy Pull!

God Bless!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

I love the sound that apple makes! So fun!

Lots of great clothes. I thought you didn't need any more swimsuits? lol I'm just teasing you!

Do you think anybody will be setting up garage sales this week? I haven't taken the time to look yet.

Happy summer!

Treasures Evermore said...

Wow, those are great yard sale treasures.

Hi I'm Connie...I found you through Homestead Acres. Look forward to getting to know you and family through blogland:-)