Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TOS Review: Keyboarding for the Christian School

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic have always been the most important subjects in school.  But, in this day and age, I believe that computer skills are pretty much the 4th most important school subject.  Typing skills are nearly as important-or actually more important in many ways-then knowing how to write well.  With this mindset, it was a happy day when we were asked if we would try out Keyboarding for the Christian School.

Keyboarding for the Christian School is a traditional approach to learning to type.  Lessons focus on typing letters in patterns to learn their location by memory.  It is much the way I (and likely you) learned to type in High School.  Never thought I'd be teaching it to my six year old, but maybe that's because we didn't own a computer when I was 6, lol.

In each lesson there are at least 2 new letters introduced.  After practicing those letters or characters, previously learned letters will be reviewed.  Once enough letters have been reviewed, the typing will change from patterned keystrokes to words.  The author, Leanne Beitel, choose to weave Bible verses into the typing practice.  I thought this was a nice way to learn to type and memorize Bible verses at the same time.  

We reviewed the Elementary Version that includes 32 lessons.  The lessons are relatively short, which I appreciated with my 6 year old's limited attention span.  They are also easy to follow.  Mustang had no problems navigating the lessons on her own.

Because it is an e-book (also available in hard text) I printed out a lesson at a time on cardstock so that Mustang could lean it against the side of her screen.  A traditional paper holder would be very helpful for use with this program.

Keyboarding For the Christian School was Mustang's very first experience learning to type.  She was very excited to try.  I wondered if the lack of cartoon characters or interactive games would bore her.  I was pleased to see that Keyboarding for the Christian School held her attention and challenged her to do her best.  

I loved that because it was not an interactive program, there were no buzzers or error messages when she typed something incorrectly.  At the end of her typing, I asked her to go back and check her own work.  Though there are some available, I have not yet tried to have her take timed tests.  I feel she is still learning her way around the keyboard and I do not want to discourage her in anyway.

Keyboarding for the Christian School, Elementary Edition, is designed for students grade K-3.  I think this is about right, as long as they are reading well.  It costs just $12.95, which is a great price!  Add to that the author is offering a 20% off coupon code good through 8-29-12.  Use the code SUMMER2012 and it will cost just $10.36!  The coupon is also good on all the products available from Christian Keyboarding.  

I'd recommend Keyboarding for the Christian School, Elementary Edition to anyone who wants to teach a newbie to type.  You can also read what my other crew mates had to say by checking out the Schoolhouse Crew Blog.  

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!

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Carolyn said...

Love the review! I am going to pin this for future use. In the back of my head, I've been wondering how I would go about teaching my girls how to type. Love that it's a Christian company! :)