Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Self Directed Learning REALLY Works!

Today we woke up to terrible stories of destruction and loss in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  We live a loooong way from any coast and have, thankfully, never had to endure more then the remnants of any hurricane.  Understandably so, Mustang was full of questions!

What IS a hurricane?  How can it cause so much trouble?  Do we need to worry about a hurricane?

After our regular lessons were over, I pulled up a super short (just under 5 minute) YouTube video on hurricanes.


Because I didn't think that the 5 minute clip could possibly teach enough about hurricanes for her to take anything away from it, I started looking for another video.  I found a few long and dull ones, but nothing really great.

While I was on my search for the video that would REALLY help, Mustang was drawing on her chalkboard.

I almost missed it.

Her hurricane.  She even named it!  
And when I asked her to identify the parts she quickly pointed out the wind, rain, and eye of the storm.  

I was a bit amazed.

When she doesn't care to know something, it will take her ALL.DAY.LONG. to complete an assignment.  When she WANTS to learn it-5 minutes.

Hoping she has something she wants to learn about tomorrow.  That was so much easier then lesson planning!

I hope your schooling is going well and that you were not harmed by Sandy.  Praying for the recovery.  

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!

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Debbie said...

I love those light bulb moments when our little ones just truly want to learn about something. They are sponges to the information around them. Selena is very much a self directed learner.