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TOS Review: Beeyoutiful

Since the name of my blog is 'Our Country Road' you probably think we grow all our own food, milk our own cow, and raise chickens.  You likely think we have this natural product thing down.  The fact is, aside from knowing that if it comes out of my own garden it's probably good to eat, I'm lost.  Case and point, my recent adventure to the natural organic section of our grocery store netted me 3 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of crackers, and a package of organic lollipops.  Let's just say, I've got a loooong way to go before I'm a good 'natural' country girl! So, when I was asked if I'd like to try products from Beeyoutiful, I was excited.

Beeyoutiful is a company that produces a large line of natural products designed to help you and your family feel beautiful from the inside out.  With everything from lip balm, to probiotics, to natural oils, to makeup and everything in between, there are products to help with many areas of wellness.

Beeyoutiful sent me a package of items to try with my family.  We received Berry Well, Miracle, Ow-Ease, Lip Balm, and Beeyoutiful Views DVD.  It was kinda like Christmas opening my little box of treasures.

Berry Well

Berry Well is an organic Elderberry syrup that contains Propolis, Raw Honey and Echinacea.  It also includes Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  It is designed to keep you from getting the flu!  You can take it all the time or specifically when you are starting to feel ill.  Steph from Beeyoutiful does such a great job of explaining their products.  This is her explanation of Berry Well.  For each of the other products, just click on the product description link and it will take you to a page that contains the video about that product.

Since it is fall here in the Mid-West, I've already put Berry Well to use a few times!!  First of all, it tastes so good!!  (Kids think so, too, so keep it out of their reach).  A few times I've felt a little run down and took a spoonful of Berry Well.  Each time, I did not get sick.  Even yesterday, when we came home from a long outdoor parade in 40 degree weather, I took a spoonful.  I have a slight cough this morning, but nothing serious.  

Berry Well is great to keep on hand, especially this time of year.  It retails for $19.70 for an 8 ounce glass bottle.  Discounts are offered if you order additional jars.  

Miracle Skin Salve

Miracle Skin Salve is a skin rub made from Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Plantain, Organic Comfrey Root, Propolis, Lavender Essential Oil, and Rosemary Oil.  It is designed to be used for cuts, scrapes, bites, burns, psoriasis, eczema and more.  The natural ingredients promote tissue repair, reduce swelling, and relieve pain.

Miracle is the product I have the most to say about!  One day while cooking I managed to pour boiling water on my hand!!  I, thankfully, remembered the Miracle we had just been sent.  Right away, I spread the salve on my burn.  The pain went away and by morning it looked almost completely healed!  I was very pleased!!  

We have also been using Miracle on a cut of Mustang's.  It seems to be healing nicely.  I'm hoping this helps the cut not to scar.  The cut is on her face and no one wants a scar there!

Miracle can be purchased in a 2 oz container for $15.00 and for $25.00 for a 4 oz. 


Ow-Ease is designed to ease your pain away.  Apply to bruises, goose-eggs, strains, sprains, or even just achy muscles from gardening or body building.  Made from beeswax, olive and coconut oils, along with wildcrafted Arnica.  Ow-Ease reduces swelling, relieves muscle pain, and reabsorbs trapped fluids from tissue and helps to erase bruises!

Ow-Ease comes in a stick applicator and reminds me of the spot cleaner commercials where mom is wiping away a stain before it starts.  With Ow-Ease you can wipe away a bruise before it starts.  Pretty neat!

It took me a bit to try this one.  I am used to just kissing a boo boo and letting it heal on it's own.  I didn't know which injury to try it out on.  Then I realized I have a place on my shin that has had a bruise on it for a very long time.  I'm actually thinking it's part bruise and part varicose vein.  It hurt when touched and had a little swelling to it.  It didn't hurt unless you touched it.  I decided to give Ow-Ease a try there.  To my surprise it was almost completely gone the next morning.  There was still a small knot, but it was not black and blue, and it didn't hurt!  

I've also used it on some of my back and shoulder pain with mixed results.  Maybe it really wasn't intended for that use, but it did seem to help some days and not others.  I did rub it over my ankles after walking in the parade yesterday and the Ow-Ease seemed to help.

Ow-Ease retails at $15.00 for a one ounce container.

Lip B.A.L.M.

The last of my skin care items was Lip B.A.L.M or Beeyoutiful All-Natural Lip Moisturizer.  Lip B.A.L.M. is made from Grape Seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter and Essential Oils.  Offered in Orange and Peppermint, it retails for $3.00 each (discounts for 3 or more).  

I have to say I only got to check this out once :(.  I happily placed it in my purse, excited that I had some sweet smelling, natural moisturizer for my lips.  It made me feel a little special to have a safe product for my skin.  Unfortunately, like every other lip product that I put into my purse, my children found it and made off with it.  The comforting side is that I'm not afraid to have my children use this product on their lips.  I'm going to have to order myself some more, though!!

Beeyoutiful Views

We also received a DVD called Beeyoutiful Views.  This DVD contains product explanations and demonstrations from nutritionist and owner Stephanie Tallent.  These same videos can be seen on the Beeyoutiful web-site with each product description or on their YouTube channel.  But, if you don't have high-speed Internet this might be a great way to learn about the Beeyoutiful products.  Maybe good to pop into the DVD at your MIL's house to give them hints on Christmas gifts, too :).  Price is just $3.00.  

Overall, I was quite pleased with the Beeyoutiful products we received.  The products all smelled wonderfully, were well packaged, and seem to help in their intended ways.  I am looking forward to continue using them with my family, and would recommend them to others!

Many of my crew mates reviewed products from Beeyoutiful.  Check out the crew blog to see what they reviewed and if they liked them or not!

Thanks for stopping by!  God Bless!

Disclaimer:  As a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received a package of Beeyoutiful items in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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