Sunday, February 24, 2013

Learning Through Literature: Picture Books About Mexico

We begin our learning time each day with a book.  I try to choose stories that encourage learning with materials on the shelf.  Recently, we have been traveling through Mexico and I found a TON of books from Mexico on our library shelves.  Some were better then others.  

Adelita by Tomie dePaola was, by far, our favorite of the stories.  This is a Mexican Cinderella Story with a fair bit of Spanish language mixed into the book.  The story line is really fun! 

The Old Man & His Door by Gary Soto is an adorable little tale about a man who doesn't listen to his wife.  In the end, he finds out why he should be sure to pay attention to what she is saying.  But, as the story progresses, you see his kind spirit and his willingness to help others. 

Look What Came from Mexico by Miles Harvey did an excellent job of informing us of things from and about Mexico without boring us in the process.  Just enough info, lots of nice pictures, and not terribly long.  

Tomas and the Library Lady, by Pat Mora, had a neat story to tell about Mexican migrant workers.  It is based on a true story. 

Marimba! Animals from A to Z and Uno, Dos, Tres; One, Two, Three both by Pat Mora were cute books with a little Spanish language.  

P is for Pinata by Tony Johnson was okay.  It had a lot of information, but honestly it was just a tad too much information.  If you choose this one with little people, don't plan to read it all in one setting.  

Snapshots from the Wedding by Gary Soto and Book Fiesta! by Pat Mora were both cute, but I wouldn't recommend them.

I would, however, continue to recommend  Nine Days to Christmas by Marie Hall Ets as my very favorite picture book about Mexico and its culture.  You can read about the lesson we did back at Christmas in this blog post

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Ticia said...

Looks like some great books about Mexico!

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to look for some of those books to add to my collection.

Kylie said...

Excellent thanks for a great list!

Erica MomandKiddo said...

A great selection of books. Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.

Mommy to the Princesses said...

Great selection. Love it!

Emily Harrie said...

Look What Came from Mexico picture books is good to know about Mexico city for childrens.