Saturday, February 23, 2013

School Day Outtakes #5

I hope you have had a great week of schooling!  Ours has been a bit crazy!  I'm actually about a week behind in blogging, so this is what we did last week.  Hope you are doing a bit better at staying caught up then I am!

Explorer hasn't been on the scene much.  I wish this picture was clearer, it's so cute!  She was happy that she had just managed to get a bead on the stacker.

Trying so hard to get another in place.  She did get it, too!

Mini Cooper with the Knobless Cylinder extensions.

Mustang with the bead frame.  Hopefully, I will get a better post about the bead frame up here very soon.

Her finished paper.

We have had lots of interest in the cylinder extensions.  I found these free from Forskoleburken.  Thanks for the heads up Deb {Living Montessori Now}!

Love this photo!  He was so proud!  And, don't look too close, because our baby yellow piece is missing.  

Practicing writing the letter v with Primary Arts of Language.  Charger can actually read a little now, but he doesn't seem to realize it.  I'm looking forward to that day he wakes up and can read everything!  It's coming soon! 

Speaking of the day when they read everything.  One day all I could get Mustang to choose was reading.  She read TWO Magic Tree House Books in one day!

Explorer joined us another day, and Mini Cooper 'read' her Pat the Bunny.  Love watching these two together!

Learning about Canines in our Apologia Zoology 3 book.

Static addition with the gold bead material.  

Second Grammar lesson, first singular and plural.

Then the Article.  Have I mentioned that I love Montessori Grammar???  It makes so much sense!

More stacking fun.  Explorer is enjoying this type of work right now.  

Did I mention Mustang's interest in reading lately?  She has read through about 8 of the Magic Tree House books and a Junie B Jones book this past week.  She loves to read!

And, our dressing frames actually received a little love from Mini Cooper.  She likes to button right now.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks outtakes.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a great weekend and happy schooling!

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My Boys' Teacher said...

Mustang and Kal-El are two peas in a pod. He is doing the same thing with Jack Stalwart books. He read two in a day one day and went through about ten of them a week or so ago. So much fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week! yay on all the reading Mustang has been doing! She looks so grown up in these pictures! I love having a little peek into your school days!

A Learning Journey said...

Thank you for stopping and checking out my Wizard of Oz Birthday Party post. It was so much fun planning it!

I love reading about your school week. Mustang and Alyssa sound like they have something in common. My daughter LOVES reading too. Alyssa read two Magic Treehouse books one morning when she was sick. She totally shocked me. I love it when children enjoy reading. I can't wait to hear about Charger's progress and when he finally realizes that he is a wonderful reader too. Have a blessed day!

Kylie said...

Stopping by from Montessori Monday. Looks like a great week!