Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Montessori Triangle Box Lessons

This past weekend we received a new shipment of materials.  I am ALWAYS excited to get new Montessori Materials, and this was no exception!  I dug right in and started trying to understand our new materials, specifically the Triangle box.

I had watched this video on the Primary Triangle box lesson and was moderately impressed.  Knowing that triangles build triangles wasn't a new concept to me (and of course shouldn't be).  I thought this would be one of the lessons that I went ahead and taught even though I didn't really see the value, because sometimes I don't get the 'why' until later.

But, as I was reading through the Geometry album (free) from Cultivating Dharma and read the equivalency charts, I found out that it takes a whole new level in the Elementary class and I was VERY IMPRESSED.  So much so, that I showed my husband.

Now, my husband is very passive about our schooling choices, and I think he sometimes questions the financial investment necessary for the Montessori Materials.  I occasionally show him the materials and get mixed results.  Not this time :).

Here are the photos for the basic Triangle Box presentation (you can also watch the video in the above link to see it in action):

The triangle box with all the contents inside.  Pretty easy to distinguish what is in the box.

The pieces are all laid out and the object is to build three different triangles.

Here they are all put together.  

It was slightly challenging for Mini Cooper, who is 3 1/2 (a bit below the recommended age), but she did just fine.

But, that isn't the end...

Here are the Elementary Lessons (the ones that had us so impressed).

By rearranging the pieces of each triangle, the child is able to visualize that each shape has the same AREA no matter what the shape, itself is.  This is a concept that is so very hard to explain.  

Here, we have a square and a rhombus.

Finally, a triangle and a hexagon.  Even I found myself internalizing the material on yet another level.  I had always known it to be true, but I don't think I've ever put it together myself.

This equivalency chart is part of the free Elementary album from Cultivating Dharma and is just a wonderful resource.

I was extra impressed when, after finishing the lessons I showed her my Mustang (who is 7), made this one:

Once again, I'm so grateful for Dr. Montessori and her insight of how to present complicated concepts to even a young child.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!  God Bless and Happy Schooling,

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My Boys' Teacher said...

SO amazing, isn't it? My husband is super clueless about Montessori and super impressed with the math and geometry materials.

Amy @ No Greater Honors said...

I would LOVE to order these, and some day hope to, but I was able to find free printables that I plan on re-making with thick cardstock. I have them sitting even now, waiting for me to put them together, because I was like you - I see how they can be fun for a little one, but didn't see them being much good to anyone past my 4 and 2 year old - I am glad that I read this post!

Amber said...

My husband sounds like yours, "do we really need that" is a common refrain. I love this work and it wasn't even on my radar. Thanks for sharing!