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Charger's Work Plans

When I introduced Mustang's Work Plan, I was asked to share Chargers.  I had intended to post this quite sometime ago, but Springtime is just so busy around here that I didn't get it posted!!  So, here we go.

I went to Montessori For Everyone and downloaded their free work plans.  I started with the first one and looked to see what he knew and didn't know.  On MOST things, he was ready to start the work-even thought he is only 5.

Here is what it looks like:

Work Plan May/June 2013

Mathematics Activities:

Addition Tables (strip board)-I purchased the strip board from Kid Advance and use the booklets from Montessori Printshop

Mult. Bead Board Tables-Again ordered from Kid Advance and booklets from Montessori Printshop

Snake Game - Search for Ten-I purchased cards to go with our beads from LDA Montessori Materials.  
Time Concepts Clock work-I am just introducing the parts of the clock and we are telling time to the hour and half hour
Money Concepts-Using printables from Counting Coconuts
Fractions-Printables from What Did We Do All Day?
Greater Than/Less Than-Ideas from PreK and K Sharing

Social Studies Activities:

Continent Puzzle-We learned the Continent Song!  So helpful!!
Cardinal Directions N S E W
Parts of a globe, equator, north pole, south pole
Months & Seasons

Geometry Activities:

Triangle Box
Geometry Cabinet
        triangles (I changed this because we were passed where the work plan suggested)

Geometric Solids/Labels

All About Spelling:  (I added this)


Pink Series:  (I skipped a few because he already has sound sorting down)

Pink Series Objects Matching
Pink Series Pictures Matching
Pink Series Rhyming
Pink Series Word Lists  I cut our list off here, because we have other language arts and I didn't know how well he would do with the pink series.  Turns out, he loved it and moved right through it!  I printed all our work from The Helpful Garden.

PAL:  (Primary Arts of Language, again added)

­­Lesson 13
Lesson 14
Lesson 15
Lesson 16

Biology Activities: Also downloaded from The Helpful Garden

Parts of a Plant
Parts of a Root

Art and Music:


That's the end of the plan.  I ask that he does 4 work each day-but he generally only does 3.  He likes to count listening in on the Little Girl's work time as a work.  But, since he is only 5 doing a 6 year old's work, I don't generally push him.  We also spend a decent amount of time reading history or science types of story books before our work period-so if he only ends up doing math and reading I don't get too upset. 

He has made it through most of this plan. He avoids the stuff he hates-will not play the snake game to save his life.  And, he plows through the things he loves-did the entire list of Pink series in just 4 days.  I'm not sure how to get him to do the things he really has to do (like the fractions), but maybe he will just want to do it one day.  We will see!

Overall, this has been a good fit for him.  He likes the ability to choose and then move at his own pace.  I like not having to yell at him to do his work :).  He gets a new list the middle of each month, so hopefully he will be done with this one soon.  I'll try to share the next if I get a chance :).

Hope you are having a great summer!!

God Bless,

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