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TOS Review: Math Mammoth

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I LOVE our current math materials.  I have found Montessori math materials to be a perfect fit for our family.  Because of this, I usually avoid reviewing new math products.  But, when I brought out our work plans last month, it just so happened we were offered review of 2 topics that were on our work plan, so I decided to give them a try.  I'm really glad we did!

The materials we received were from Math Mammoth.  I will be honest, I had heard of them before this review, but just figured we didn't have a need for them in our home because I had thought of them as a complete curriculum company.  They do offer complete curricula for grades 1-6, but they also offer lots of individual products.  In fact, you can choose books by topic, worksheets by grade, worksheets by topic, and they have a selection of real life math products, too.  If you have a need you are trying to fill in math, they very likely have something that will fit your request.  Each of the products is a little different, but I'm going to focus this review on the two products we received.

The items we received are both 'Blue Series' books.  Blue Series books , or books by topic, are learning packets focused on just one subject.  There are 39 different books to choose from!  We received a book on Time-entitled Clock- and one on Money.  

They each arrived as a PDF download-really great since I can REUSE them with Charger in a year or two!  So, I simply printed off the packets and placed them into Mustang's work boxes.  She began working through them at her own pace.  Wow, that was easy!!  The only things I had to provider her with were a clock for the Time packet and some change for the Money packet.

Each section in the book starts with a teaching section.  You could read this allowed if you wanted to have a more guided learning, or if your child isn't reading at that level yet.  But, I just allowed Mustang to read it herself.  She has understood what was being told pretty well.  On a few cases I have had to go back and explain a few bits to her.  

I did start to realize that the book isn't all at one grade level (should have read that ahead of time), but she was easily able to handle the 1st grade work.  We are still working through the 2nd grade work as she didn't understand a few parts of it.  The best part of this has been the part where Mustang is actually telling time better then she did before! 

Now, I certainly don't intend to replace our math completely, but I do really appreciate having an extra source to pull from occasionally.  I also appreciate having a quick way to assess if Mustang can write down her answers in a 'standard' school way.  We don't usually teach in that fashion, but society often measures in it, so it is good if she has a comfortable grasp on 'textbook answers.'  

This is how the work pages look, (next to our work plans).  Top is Clock and bottom is Money.  

Did I mention they are also affordable??

The Blue Series Math Mammoth Money PDF retails for just $3.25!  It can also be purchased as a book for $9.50.  The PDF is a total of 51 pages long and covers counting pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, adding them together, subtracting them, and then advances from there.  You can check out sample pages at the Math Mammoth product page.  It is also available using Canadian, European, British, and Australian money.

The Blue Series Math Mammoth Clock PDF retails for $4.00 and the book is available for $10.85.  It is 78 pages long and covers reading hours, half hours, five minute intervals and eventually to the minute.  It also covers half past, quarter-till, and so on.  You can also see a sample on the product page.  

Overall, we really enjoyed Math Mammoth.  The ease and usefulness could not be beat at such an affordable price!  I hope to find more packs to use in the future.

The Crew reviewed all sorts of different Math Mammoth products, so be sure to check out the crew blog and find out more about the many offerings of Math Mammoth and what other families thought!

God Bless!


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