Friday, July 12, 2013

Toddler Corner Farm Theme

I have been trying to put out more activities for the little girls to do.  They get bored easily and loose focus when they have a bunch of options.  So, I have cleared off the shelves and placed out just a few things.  I try to change them every couple days.  I didn't go out and buy anything, I didn't print anything.  I just pulled from what we already had.  

Here were some of the items I put out during our farm week:

Magnetic animal puzzles (a yard sale find from a couple years ago).

Putting chickens in nests.  I used to have this with the Easter stuff, and realized it could do double duty.

This is an awesome set I got from a friend and have used it many, many times throughout the years.

The page it comes with has places to sort by color and size.  The top of it has a place to sort by animal.  The backside has a race.

Some items were just to help build skills, like the Ikea stacker.

I try to put out a couple of books.  This is a fun one!

Tray of little animals to roll play and say their sounds.

Basic shape puzzle with a blind fold for Mini Cooper (and the big kids who wanted to play, too).

As you can see, though, this can be a really simple thing to set up.  Just go through the items you have and sort them into a few piles and then rotate the items every couple days.  It will keep the activities fresh without having to write out long lesson plans :).

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