Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Too Busy for School

Okay, I'll admit it.  We haven't really had much school the last few weeks.  It wouldn't be a big problem, except I had intended to have school.  We don't have a set schedule.  We school year round and just take breaks when we feel like it.

I'll be honest when I tell you that these are the days that I start to question the whole, are we doing the right thing by homeschooling?  I mean, are they missing things they should know because they aren't 'having school' right now.  Or because they don't have a set amount of school days each year?

But, we have just been too busy for school lately!

We have been taking field trips to local landmarks.

We have been celebrating holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and family.

We have been spending many afternoons at the library and many evenings reading library books.

We have been working in the garden, weeding (kinda), harvesting, watering, and exploring.

We have been riding bikes, playing kickball, playing hide and go seek.

We have been trying out the new telescope to find constellations.

We have been playing with friends, cousins, and our family.

In addition, we have been trying to work on keeping the house a bit cleaner and get some big projects done-like the kitchen painting project that starts tomorrow, and the list all the clothes we aren't wearing to clear out space project, and the relax a little more on Sunday's project (aka naps).

I have to remind myself sometimes that not all free days should be school days.  I also have to remind myself that our culture has created the idea of 'learning' confined to a textbook, a schedule, a lesson plan, and a 'subject.'

When I look at this list, I realize that my children are too busy to sit in a desk and fill out a worksheet, but they are learning so much about the world around them.  I have not failed them.  This homeschooling thing is going to work out after all.

How about you?  Is your summer going the way you planned?  How do you fit 'school' into your summer?

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Discovering Montessori said...

Sounds like you guys have been doing a lot of school! Our summer learning hasn't been going as planned and as much as I would like to call us year round homeschoolers it hasn't been this way this year at all. It has been fun though and I find that my kids are motivated when I am, so I have been material making and reading lots of books together that we enjoy.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

Michele Chronister said...

Okay, my daughter is only around preschool age, but I've suspended my idea of "school" for her during the idea, so she can take advantage of all that summer has to offer! It sounds like your children are in a lot of great learning situations this summer! Remember, on top of the education things you are definitely doing, just allowing them time to play helps their brains grow and be more ready to learn, too! Keep up the great work...you should be proud of yourself, and I hope I can stick with this even when my daughters are older!!