Thursday, August 22, 2013

Montessori Inspired Safety Day

I'm not a big 'theme day' kinda person, but today we had one.  Our theme was safety-mostly traffic safety.  We had a lot of fun!

Here's a quick look at some of our activities.

We practiced our skip counting using printables from City Teacher Goes Country.  Thank you Deb @ Living Montessori now for the printable tip!  Charger's Lego Policeman helped us as we counted by jumping from number to number :).

The kids also made up their own game.

I got these great printables for free from 123 Homeschool 4 Me. The idea was to cut them out and paste them on the right shape...but I had other ideas.  :)

These are the pages that were supposed to be glued, we just read them and sorted shapes instead.

I found this address printable on Homeschool Share.  We did a *little* copy work.  Mustang and Charger did this, the little girls did not.

This handy printable from I Can Teach My Child {thank you again for the link Deb}, was just perfect for practicing dialing 911.

The inspiration for our unit actually came from this adorable little book that we are currently reviewing!  Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again by Ginger Pate fit in perfectly with our safety lesson.  Check back for the review soon!

Signs in Our World was a great book for learning what the signs mean!  Even I found a few that I had never seen!

We did not read these as a group, but the kids have been reading them to themselves.  Even Charger found out last week that he could read them all by himself.  He was so pleased!

So here is what we did with the little signs :).  We paired them our play rug.

Lots of sign reading and practicing of 'look left, look right, look left again.'  They played together for over an hour :).

Then Charger read some of the safety books to Mini Cooper.  LOVE!!

Tomorrow Mustang and I get to take a field trip all by ourselves!  I can't wait!!  I hope you are having a great school week!

God Bless,

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