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TOS Review: The Family Hope Center

Over the last few weeks, we have been reviewing one of the more unique products that I had ever been sent!  It is a DVD made by The Family Hope Center called Understanding Child Brain Development.

The Family Hope Center, based in Norristown, Pennsylvania, was founded by husband and wife team Matt and Carol Newell.  The Family Hope Center is dedicated to helping special needs kids and their families.  Their mission is to 'empower parents to heal their children.'

In today's world we there are many, many children who have been diagnosed with some sort of 'disorder.'  These disorders {ADD, ADHD, Dylexia, ODD...I could go on for a long time} are all a bit of a mystery to our medical staff-at least it seems that way to me.  No one is sure what is causing them, and because of that, doctors just seem to treat the symptoms with medication and hope that it fixes the problem.  

So, what if there was another view on things?  What if there really was something causing the problems, and that something was treatable.  Not just the symptoms, but the actual problem?  This is where The Family Hope Center comes in!

The Family Hope Center believes that the problems are stemming from poor brain health!  Whether the child was born with poor brain development, or something caused a problem in the brain after the child was born, the child is now living with at least one underdeveloped portion of their brain.  And, if that portion of the brain can be identified, a treatment plan can be established and the child has a real chance at recovering from their brain injury!

Now, that is my take (in a very SMALL nutshell) of what the Family Hope Center does.  And, no, we did not get a child diagnosed and treated in the last month.  But, they have been helpful to my family over that time.

Here's how:  Andrew Pudewa, the founder and director of Institute for Excellence in Writing, used to work with the Newells years ago.  Now that he is a founder of a curriculum company, he receives questions from homeschooling parents to which he believes the Newell's have answers, and so he wanted to partner with the Family Hope Center to share what the Family Hope Center can do for families and their children.

Remember my nutshell explanation?  Well, it's really HARD to explain what the Family Hope Center does in a nutshell.  In fact, it has taken them about an hour and a half to really explain what they do.  That is the heart of what this DVD is.  Explaining what the Family Hope Center can do for families.

But, this DVD is two-fold.  While the DVD was created to help families understand what they can do for their noticeably brain injured child {anywhere from paralysis and blindness, to ADD and Dyslexia}, it also seems to do a good job-in my opinion-of giving parents a good feel for who might be a good candidate for their program.  

Mr. Newell goes on to explain ways that you can improve brain health right away.  This was probably my favorite part.  I really appreciated that, while it is true they would like to see the viewing of this DVD lead to families calling to become clients of theirs, they still gave plenty of information without having to come to their seminars or anything further.  

The information I received at the end of the DVD I felt was a kin to what doctors tell you to prevent going to the doctor.  You know the-eat right and exercise and you won't get sick. Or the don't eat sugar and brush you teeth and you won't need the dentist.  Well do these things {on the DVD} and you can improve your brain health and help the little things that aren't worth a trip to Pennsylvania to find out :).  Honestly, some of the information seemed so simple, but yet I had NEVER heard of it before.  

Not only does he give a lot of ways to improve brain health {most of which were free!}, but Mr. Newell does an amazing job explaining the brain function in a very basic way.  The brain is so complex and hard to understand, but after I watched this DVD I felt so much smarter, lol!  

Certainly, there are MANY families who would benefit from the full services that The Family Hope Center provide.  But, I feel that ALL families would benefit from the enormous amount of information on this Understanding Child Brain Development DVD.

I had actually wanted to review this product because my FIL has Parkinson's.  I even contacted Mr. Newell to find out if their organization could help him as an adult.  He certainly thinks they could.  Of course, my FIL is a little skeptical (one of the many challenges of Parkinson's for him) so we will see if we he will pursue the Family Hope Center any further.  But, our family has certainly been a buzz about how the things we learned from the DVD can help him and everyone else in the family, too.

You can order Understanding Child Brain Development by calling The Family Hope Center at (610) 397-1737.  Or, it can also be purchased from the IEW website.  The cost is $19.00 plus shipping.

I have really enjoyed reading some of the other crew reviews for this product!  It seems that each family got a little different benefit from the DVD and it is just neat to hear their stories.  Be sure to check out the crew blog to read them for yourself!

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