Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Corny Lesson

When you live on a farm and your dad is a farmer, it is very important (in my opinion) to understand what your dad does and how it affects you.  Dad is also much more interested in helping out and talking about your school day when it involves him :).  Every fall, I try to work the harvest into our lessons, and this year was no exception.

We read this book, The Life and Times of Corn, by Charles Micucci.  It is awesome!!!

I am highlighting my 2 favorite pages-the part of corn and harvesting corn (below), but it gives SOOOO much information about different types of corn, what corn is used for, the history of corn, it is really a great book!

Then, we took a ride on the combine :).

And, watched dad put the corn into the bins.

One day, we broke out the big paper and crayons.  I asked them to draw 2 things-the parts of a corn stalk, and what they saw when they went for a ride in dad's combine.

Mustang's parts of corn.

Mini Cooper did her own thing and made a corn maze with people-it was so cute!

Charger riding in the combine with Daddy.

Mustang's again-she was missing the brace roots before.

Charger's he made his when the corn was done growing, because his favorite color is yellow.

It has been a fun little study and I am quite sure the kids learned something.  I was very impressed by their drawings!  Have you done any seasonal work?

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Anonymous said...

What a great lesson!! I love the drawings! They did a great job with them!!