Friday, October 25, 2013

TOS Review: Barbour Publishing

Over the last few weeks we have been reviewing a fun book called the Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story, by Annie Tipton, from Barbour Publishing.  I say we, but really it has been Mustang.  I decided to use this as one of her first 'required' reading books, and believe it or not, it was hard to get my book worm to read anything 'required.'  Normally, she chooses her own books and is very excited, but it was a little harder to assign her something.  But, once she finally started reading, she just couldn't put it down!

Here is Mustang's info about the book:  The story is about a girl named Emma Jean who they call 'E.J.'  She just started forth grade and has a mean teacher named Mrs. Pickerington.  She won't even let them have designs on their notebooks (soo mean, lol).  E.J. has a friend named Macy Russell.  They play together at school, during recess and more and really enjoy pretending to be things they aren't.  They use their imaginations to do things-like what you can see on the cover-they were in space-EJ was the astronaut and Macy was the captain.  Of course the teacher wasn't so pleased with her choice to walk (eyes closed) on the top of the monkey bars.

At another chapter, EJ was spending at the night at her elderly neighbor's house, Mrs. Winkle's.  While there, she read a book Aristocrazy Through the Ages.  One of the stories in the book was about Nebuchadnezzar the Wild-Animal King.  It told the story of how King N went crazy and became and animal.  It also tells the story of Queen Esther-and of course EJ happily put herself in Esther's place and became the Queen.

Did you like the book:

Yes.  Because it is funny! 

What was your favorite part?

 She has a brother named Issac that said a joke-a knock knock joke:

Issac:  knock, knock
Me:  who's there?
Issac: Noah
Me:  Noah who?
Issac:  Noah  good joke?

Who is your favorite character?


Do you think other kids would like this book?

Yes, people that like Junie B Jones books would like this one.  It's very funny just like them.

MY thoughts on the book:

Diary of a Real Payne True Story book 1 is 188 pages long and has 15 chapters.  At the beginning of each chapter, there is a diary entry by E.J., after which we follow her around her daily life and adventures.  The diary dates from July to December, so we only see a small time of her life.  The humor and layout really is a lot like the Junie B Jones books, I was interested that Mustang noticed that.  But, it is a much longer book and aimed at a bit older reader.  

Mustang is a 2nd grader, but reads at about a 4th grade level.  I would recommend this for probably 3rd and up unless you have a strong reader on your hands.  The publisher says ages 8-12.

I was very pleased that she liked the book and there have been many days she has asked if she could read instead of other school subjects-which I let her do :).  

Diary of a Real Payne True Story Book One, by Annie Tipton, published by Barbour Publishing is a softcover and sells for just $5.99 and is on SALE for $4.49 at this time!!  It would make a great gift for a child on your list (or a great addition to your church library!).

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Annie Tipton said...

Lisa, thanks for sharing Mustang's review of the book! I'm glad she enjoyed joining EJ on her adventures (and that she liked Isaac's joke! Maybe someday he will learn another one.).