Saturday, October 12, 2013

School Day Outtakes ~ Art Shows and Swimming Lessons

Hoping to get back in the grove of doing weekly updates.  I enjoy sharing and it keeps me on track!  But, I went to upload my photos for the week, and when I did something happened.  And, now some of my photos are missing :(.  You will just have to use your imagination.


This week was the final week of her art class at the local art center.  Her class hosted us for a mini art show where they all showcased their work for the class.  I can certainly tell you she had a lot of fun, and now I have lots of new creations for my china cabinet :).  

In her swimming class, she has been focusing on putting her head underwater.  For whatever reason, this has been a fear of hers.  So, for her to decide this is something she wants to do is a big deal.  I don't think she will be learning to swim by the end of this class session, but she certainly has gotten over most of her fears of the water.  That's a big improve

Her chosen works for this week (she chose many of these multiple times):
  • Addition facts-doing quick worksheets to test her memory of them.  She loves this work and did it daily. 
  • Multiplication bead board-she is working on equation slips.
  • Negative snake game-to be honest I don't think we did this right.  It was too simple for the way I read, so we turned it into subtraction of double digits.  She really enjoyed it!
  • Roman numerals (tens)-Once again we played the game from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.  
  • And handwriting using Logic of English.

In her free time, she has been writing a script for a movie she is working on.  Not sure if the movie will materialize, but I love her interest in voluntary writing and spelling (she has been trying to memorize the spelling of words so she knows them-what an easy spelling lesson!).

She also completed her final AWANA section required to get her Skystormer (book 3) patch.


In swimming, Charger is facing a major roadblock-and it has nothing to do with the water.  He is having to learn how to obey and listen to his teacher!!  He loves to swim and would love to spend the entire time underwater.  That's all well and good, except there are many other kids in the class!  This has lead to some interesting conversations and timeouts.  I do believe it is good for him, since he won't always be with me!  The swimming has been going very well and he has decided he is a fish and loves swimming underwater.

His chosen works for this week are limited as he is *almost* done with with his workplan and ready for the next.  

  • Parts of a fish booklet
  • parts of a root booklet
  • multiplication bead board
  • All About Spelling level 12
  • Labeling geometric solids and sorting cards
Charger did a LOT of the multiplication bead board.  Simple fact, he dilly-dallies on this.  He would gladly take ALL day to do this work and it gets annoying (especially since others want to work on it).  But, he does at least get it done!  BTW, if it sounds like I am hard on him, it's simply because I can see that he is a super smart kid and could get the work done quickly and efficiently if he put his mind to it.

For AWANA he practiced 2 sections, but said three.  He is now one section away from his Sparks HangGlider patch.  Very impressed with his memorization abilities.  They are great!

**Mini Cooper**
I am going to fess up and tell you that I need to plan more options for Mini Cooper.  This is something I really want to do, I just need to figure out how to find the time!

We have been learning about parts of fish (which will get its own separate post).  So we did a few fish extensions.
She counted out bubbles for the fish.  And, she and Explorer sorted colors of fish into bowls.  She also did her first parts of a fish book and did excellent!

We worked on sorting sound circles from the reading series printed from The Helpful Garden.  She did great!  I was very impressed!  I think we are getting closer to moving on to harder reading lessons.  

She also completed the spindle boxes without error.


Mostly just tagging along for now, she sorted fish by color and did lots of coloring :).  We also used the sorting sound circles from Mini Cooper's work to practice saying more words.  She has very limited vocabulary that others can understand and needs some attention in this area.  She tried them all with varying levels of success.

**Group Work**

Last week we went to an Artober fest at the local art museum.  We made a little splatter art, did an art scavenger hunt, and learned Oragami.  It was a lot of fun!

In Bible Study for All Ages, we completed lesson 17, which means we are now learning the judges of Israel!  That's something I never learned so I'm having a great time learning alongside the kids.

We also worked on parts of a fish (post coming), and did a mini lesson on corn since Dad is in the fields combining corn (it will also get its own post).

For a  review product, the kids have been using  I enjoy seeing how they do in a different, computerized, setting, and they love 'playing' on the computer.  Looking forward to seeing how they grow using the program this year!  (review coming soon)

Picture day was Tuesday, so we lost a day of 'school.'  But, this week should be a bit quieter (thankfully).

So how was your week?  Any great break-through? Just happy to make it through the week?  Something fun and exciting?  I'd love to hear about it!

Have a great weekend!  I'll catch up with you next week :).

God Bless,

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