Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Regular Old 'Mom' Blogger

So I tried to type up this post a few weeks ago about why I haven't been blogging so much.  And, while everything in the post is true, it's only 1/2 the reason that I haven't blogged.  I am not sure I can really say why I haven't blogged without digging myself a bit of a hole, but I'm still going to do it.  Otherwise, it will be the elephant in the room.  Not that YOU likely saw the elephant, but I did and it's bothering me ;).

At different times throughout my time as a blogger I have joined various 'promotion' type blog groups.  Essentially, I share a blog post and my blog friends share that post with their friends, and they share their posts with me.

There are a LOT of GREAT things about this set-up.  I meet more bloggers, read more blog posts, and maybe even get a few more readers to my blog.  Cool beans!

But, after awhile, there are always complaints.  The biggest one being, so and so is not sharing a blog post that other people actually want to read...

Now the so and so may not have been me-it was never directed at me-but it still gets you thinking.  Why?  Well because the next 'group rule' is always that you need to be sure that your post is 'share-able.'  That seems fair, I mean you are asking a group of people to share your blog post and if it's not worth reading that is on their shoulders.  So, yeah, it should be share-able.

There in lies the problem.

I began kinda over thinking my blog posts.  I mean, who wants to read about our little day to day activities.  Who wants to read that we made hand-print carrots?  So what?  Who really wants to read that I spent the day cleaning my house?  I pretty much picked apart every single post that I had to write, and didn't write them.

Now, here is where I am likely digging my hole.

Because, I am assuming that at least my own readers want to read those things.  And, maybe they really don't.  BUT, I look back at my posts and realize that's what I a post about.  Why???  Because when you are a homeschooling mom of 4 little ones, you are LUCKY that you cleaned your house!!  And, I know it!!  So, I share that with the world because-well-other moms of 4 can relate and secretly want to know how you pulled it off so that they can do the same.  Is that the kinda post that is share-able with everyone?  Maybe not.

I have been thinking a lot lately because I have been missing my little blog over here.  I didn't know why, exactly, and I had gotten to the point where I didn't feel I had anything to write :(.  It wasn't until today that I put it all together and realized WHY I had nothing to write.

I was so worried about 'pleasing' everyone that I just stopped blogging all together.  Yes, there was the part where I had a busy month, but the main thing was that I stopped thinking of things to type because I'd already talked myself into thinking that no one wants to read it.

So there you have it.  My elephant.  Now, I hope my hole isn't too big.  And, hopefully, I will start blogging some more.  We've been having a great week of school.  I have some 'random' photos to share.  I've got some BIG news.  And, I've even got a fantastic give away coming!! So, please stay tuned.  I promise to stop being so quiet and get back to my regular old 'mom' blogging.  And, hopefully it won't be too boring.

Thanks for stopping by!!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I like little old mom blogger posts!! I love to read the nitty gritty of people's day! That people struggle to get things done, or that their baking experiment didn't work, or that they made plain old regular chocolate chip cookies!

Discovering Montessori said...

I love your blog and please do keep sharing! On another note I can relate. I have come to the conclusion that I don't really get many comments on the blog sue to Facebook, it is much easier to hit the like button. Since I have been a slacker at commenting I don't really expect people to comment on my blog. I just remind myself of the purpose of starting it, just to record our everyday happenings. Thank you for sharing.

teapot21 said...

I'm thankful for the blogs like yours. I get ideas and inspiration for our Montessori journey, no matter how "boring" you might think it seems to the outside world. Thanks for letting us peak into your days :)

Michele Chronister said...

Thank YOU for blogging! I enjoy visiting this space. :-)

Bekka Joy said...

I'm totally with you! :)