Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homeschooling While I Am Sick

The last month has been trying to say the very least.  There are days where I haven't gotten out of bed, 2 days I spent the night in the ER and many days where sitting on the couch was a major accomplishment.

To say that homeschooling has been a challenge is an understatement!!  For the first couple weeks our workboxes actually helped out a lot.  They were already loaded up with things to learn and all Mustang and Charger had to do was pick work and do it.

But, the workboxes are running a bit thin and I've not been able to refill them.  Sooo, I started looking for other options.  My main goal was to find something that Mustang could do, without my help, and actually learn something.

I asked around and was pleased to come up with Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool.  They offer a complete, Christian, curriculum that all Mustang has to do is read and follow the links.  I may need to help her with materials, so hopefully that won't be too demanding of me.

Mini Cooper is spending a lot of time on  And I am still looking for something for Charger, though he seems to like Starfall, too.

We are also trying to read books when we can and we have found out we can stream Youtube videos through our Xbox and have found some very fun things to watch and keep us entertained.

I am very curious, though, if you have schooled through illness and not being able to prepare, what did you do?  I would love to get some more ideas to make this a good year in spite of my being sick.

God Bless,


Michele Chronister said...

You give me so much hope that homeschooling with HG can be done! You are a champ!

Kim Mills said...

First congrats on your newest little one! I hope you start to feel better soon.
I'm 5 months along with our 6th child and still feeling very sick as well. I can't move around much etc. I've been sick with each of mine and I really leaned on audio books, videos and a lot of self led crafts and fun.
One site your littles might like is Story Nory. It has a lot of free audio books just for children and it's very easy to use.