Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Making Everyday Tasks Special

I am finally starting to feel a bit more normal, thanks to prayer, medicine, and hitting week 12 :).  This means I have slowly started trying to venture out to do really exciting things like...go to the grocery store!  Yipee!  Actually I am quite thankful, as I was just so sick before!  But, I realize that most times we do not think of the grocery store as an exciting outing.

One thing I couldn't do was to take all 4 kids with me to the store, it would have been too much.  So, my wonderful husband watched 3 kids while I took just Mini Cooper with me.  I decided to make it a fun day as much as possible since she hardly ever gets to go with just me.  I took advantage of having just one child with me to do the things that are too overwhelming to do with 4-or too expensive.

So, first up we went to the gas station.  I picked up a drink and so did she.  She chose to get a little squirt bottle of apple juice because it had Dora on the top.  $2.49 for about 6 ounces of juice, lol!  Would I have bought four of them?  Probably not, but one seemed very affordable and she loved it :).

Then, we headed to the bank.  Instead of the drive-through we went INSIDE!!  She was so excited.  She even got a sucker-and got to pick the color herself.  I even let her eat it right away.

Next up, lunch.  It is a 30 minute drive from my house to town, so I was hungry.  I have to be VERY careful not to get hungry or I get sick pretty fast.  I wasn't interested in fast food, so we headed to Panera for some tortellini (something I am craving BIG time this pregnancy).  She loved it!

She got to pick our booth, we talked about the art work in the room, we talked about how she was the only kid in the whole store, and we also talked about what she thought the workers there did when they were there.  She ate macaroni and cheese, yogurt, and chocolate milk.  She ate every last drop-instead of running to play in the play place and only drinking the soda.  We even split cupcakes at the end.  And MAN were those yummy!!

This was the art above our booth.  Mini Cooper decided that the dog did, indeed, get the bread-without breaking a dish-and without getting caught.

We had to run one extra errand while we were in town-shoes for Mustang.  She has her first pom pom performance on Friday and needed new jazz shoes.  I had her try on a friend's pair so I knew the size and was able to go without her.  

The mall has these cheesy little ride-on toys that my kids always beg to ride and we walk right past them, but this time, I let Mini Cooper ride them.  75 cents for a 60 second ride on a pink 3 wheeler.  Once again, she loved it.  We also stopped off at the play-yard for her to run around and me to rest.

Last up, was the grocery store.  The store has these little carts for little shoppers.  They are so cute.  The kids love them, and always want to push them around.  I, however, have learned that shopping with 3 or 4 mini-shoppers creates mass chaos and makes an already long shopping trip twice as long and 10 times longer.  Making sure that they don't run over the little old ladies, or that the speedy shoppers don't run over them. Or that they don't take up the entire isle, or that they don't run into the back of your heals...yes the fun leaves quickly.  So, we don't usually drive the tiny carts, as adorable as they might be.

But, this trip, I let Mini Cooper have a cart.  This meant she didn't have to RIDE in mine (which is where she usually is), and she got to zoom about.  Yes, I still had to keep her from running everyone over, but with one kid it was much easier :). 

By the end of the trip she was completely beat.  She ACTUALLY was crying because I didn't let her do something else she wanted (I think she told me she deserved necklaces at Claire's), but I knew that just meant she was exhausted and had a great day.  Many times throughout the day she told me I was a great mommy for letting her get a sucker, a cupcake, and a cart.  I really didn't do it for the praise, but I was happy that she was feeling special.

Now, I went out of my way to find little ways to make the trip special for her.  She probably would have been happy with just being the only kid along, or by getting to do just one little thing, but I wanted to do the things I could think of.  There were still things that we didn't do-no new jewelry or headbands, or makeup (yes she asked for all), but still plenty of fun and memories being made.

The way I knew she really had a good time?  She was fast asleep before we even left the grocery store parking lot.

What little things do you do to make everyday tasks special?  Do you need to do them more often?  I hope I have given you a few ideas.  

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

What a great way to make her feel special! I try to do these types of things as well! It is always fun to make the normal things more special!

Rendla said...

Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. I rarely have just one child with me, but I will be more intentional when I do have only one.

Though I almost always have both kids with me, I try to make errand days fun- story-time, library, park, or hands-on museum..., (if I have time).

My kids love those ride-on toys too, but I rarely put money into them. My kids just use their imaginations. I normally use them as a reward, "if you are good in the store you can play on the ride."


Matt Maldre said...

I noticed the same painting in Panera! I like your daughter's interpretation of the painting. I myself am an artist and love hearing people's interpretations of paintings. I blogged about this painting along with your interpretation at: