Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for a 2-4 Year Old Girl

I did something a little different this year when making our Christmas lists.  I usually skim all through Amazon and all the fun things I've added to my Pinterest wish lists throughout the year, and then show them to my kids to see which things they like, too.

This year, I actually let them LOOK at the stack of catalogs that came to our door.  I have to admit, there were some adorable things in them and I enjoyed watching them ooh and aah over the pretty toys.  Then, I made them make lists (yes I turned it into a school assignment, he he).  I had them list the top 10 items they wanted.  No exceptions.  It was even more interesting to watch them choose things and then remove them when they reached 10 and really wanted something even more!

I even sat down with the catalogs with my 2 year old and my 4 year old and made lists with them.  Even my 2 year old had some definite favorites.  All of them came up with a few things I wouldn't have thought to buy them, but I believe that this year they will enjoy their gifts more then ever.  And, NO they are not getting all 10, but it gave me a lot to choose from :).

So, here's the top things that my little girls wanted :).

Now, this is for girls a little older, but it was on the top of Mini Cooper's list.  In fact, she has been saving her own money to buy Caroline.  She is an American Girl and soo pretty!

This adorable set is at  You can order just the table and chairs for $38.89 OR you can order the 'tea party set' and FREE doll for the exact same price!!!  I actually plan to get this and separate the order so that Explorer can have a doll like the big girls without me paying the big price.  Mini Cooper was the one who wanted the table so it will be great for both girls!

Apparently tea sets were on her mind, because Mini Cooper fell in love with this little set that is just her size.

I wouldn't have ever even noticed these if it hadn't been for our magazines.  But, BOTH little girls went crazy when they saw these adorable butterfly wings.  They love to dress up, and I love that these wings do not have wires to 'hold' them up (aka poke holes in the wings and then poke eyes out).  I can't wait to see them flying in these :).

Both girls love cars.  They love our dollhouse car and our Barbie car. So, it was no wonder that the girls both requested a car that they could drive their big dollies around in.  This one is from Target, and is a great deal.

Mini Cooper loved this little mushroom fairy house, and I did, too.  But, the reviews are very low, so it won't be under the tree.  

Explorer would absolutely NOT let me turn the page when this ride-on bouncy cow showed up on the page.  She still shows it to me when she finds it.  I didn't realize she would care that much about her gift, but she certainly wants this one!  

Mini Cooper LOVED these tiny fairies from Magic Cabin.  They are so cute!

And, they both asked for these lovely cloaks-also from Magic Cabin.  I was very happy to find a discounted version on Zulily :).

We also love anything by eBoo.  Such sweet games with amazing graphics.

Explorer is at the perfect age for many of Melissa and Doug's adorable puzzles.  

And, both girls always love a great new coloring book or sticker book, like the Princess and Fairy book from Melissa and Doug.  

So, as you can see PINK, fairies, princesses, and dolls were pretty much the summary of their lists.  I loved that the list isn't chalk full of things with cartoon characters on them, and they genuinely seemed to think about what they wanted (Mini Cooper, 4, more so then Explorer, 2).  

We are not getting EVERYTHING on the list, but pretty much everything we are getting is here, and I am looking forward to seeing their faces on Christmas!

What is on your little lady's lists?

God Bless,

*Disclaimer, the links above are NOT affiliate links.  I do get a small credit to my account if you sign up for Zulily by my link (and purchase something), but otherwise, all links above are simply for your benefit.*

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