Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year's Interview with Charger, age 6

Continuing with our New Year's interviews, today is Charger's turn.  You can read Mini Cooper's here.

Self portrait-Charger was NOT into this, lol!  There are actually two drawings here because he drew the one to the left and I asked him to try a little harder.  The one to the right was his 'try harder.'  

Real portrait

When is your birthday?  November 18th
Who is in your family?  Mini Cooper, Mom and Dad, Mustang, and Explorer
What is your favorite color?  Yellow
Who is your best friend?  Dawsyn and Brayden (which I found interesting since we haven't seen them in months, lol).
What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas Eve (I asked why, but he refused to tell me.  Maybe it's because that's when we usually open our family gifts?)
What is your favorite activity?  Playing video games
What is your favorite animal?  dog
What would you like to be when you grow up?  builder or superhero
Where would you like to go on vacation?  Scotties (local fun spot with roller skating, laser tag, arcade)
What is your favorite thing to learn in school?  How to tell time
What do you like for breakfast?  Blueberry shredded wheat (organic kind)
For lunch?  PB & J
For dinner?  Mac & cheese
Dessert?  cookies
What is your favorite restaurant?  McDonalds
What is your favorite toy?  Legos
What is your favorite game?  Lego Batman II & Happy Wars
What do you like to do for fun at home? Play xBox
What is your favorite book?  Where's Waldo
Who is your favorite fictional character?  Robin (from Batman)
What is your favorite song?  Bob the Builder theme song (I may need to teach them more music!)
What is your favorite video/movie?  Lego Ninjago
Who is your hero?  Dawsyn and Brayden (I love them, but I think my kids don't understand what a hero is, lol)
What was your favorite part of 2013?  Getting presents from Santa
What do you wish for this new year?  Have a birthday party at Scotties and invite Dawsyn and Brayden

I have one more to share-Mustang's.  I hope you are enjoying these as much as I did!

Happy New Year & God Bless!

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