Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mustang's New Year's Interview, age 8

Self Portrait

The real deal :).

My final interview was with Mustang, I didn't try with Explorer.

What is your birthday?  September 23, 2005
Who is in your family?  Explorer, Mini Cooper, Charger, Mom and Dad
What is your favorite color?  red
Who is your best friend?  Holly and Claire (they are sisters)
What is your favorite holiday?  Halloween (because we often spend time with Holly and Claire)
What is your favorite activity?  playing dolls with friends
What is your favorite animal?  horses
What would you like to be when you grow up?  A mother (loved this)
Where do you like to go on vacation?  Hawaii
What is your favorite subject in school?  math
What do you like to eat for breakfast?  Captain Crunch Berries
Lunch?  Pizza Rolls
Dinner?  Lasagna
Snack?  fudge
What is your favorite restaurant?  McDonalds (3 for 3, lol)
What is your favorite toy?  Any 18 inch dolls
What is your favorite game?  Hide 'n seek
What do you like to do for fun at home?  play dolls
What is your favorite book?  Samantha
Who is your favorite fictional character?  Rebecca (American Girl)
What is your favorite song?  Connected (Barbie movie)
What is your favorite video/movie?  Saige Paints the Sky
Who is your hero?  Holly and Claire (yes we are really going to have to learn what heros are-Holly and Claire are very nice girls BTW)
What was your favorite part of 2013?  Getting to go to 3 different sleepovers
What do you wish for in the new year?  To buy Isabelle's design studio (um...have you seen the price on that?  Now taking donations, lol!)

So there you have it.  My kid's first comments of the year.  This was really fun!  I am looking forward to getting back into the routine of blogging about our weeks.  School started this week and it is off to a great start!

Happy New Year & God Bless,

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Nicole T said...

Cute! We call Barbie's "Connected" … "Tanectus" because that's how Brynne pronounced it when she was little. The song is catchy!! Now I am singing it … thanks, btw! :)