Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tot School/Preschool Wrap Up Letter C and Pets (part 1)

As I mentioned in my big kid's wrap-up post, this was a short week.  We did school on Tuesday and Wednesday only, so we didn't get much of our letter C work in.  We will have to continue next week.

We started our Claude Monet water lily paintings-which we will finish this week.  Everyone loved this.  

Explorer worked on her letter C Tot School Printables.   Mini Cooper completed a couple pages in her Adventures with Books workbook.

They both had lots of fun using our Bear Family Math.  I guess it's not really a 'C' or 'pet' item, more of an 'I forgot we had this for letter B and I thought we should use it.'

We read about John Quincy Adams and added a new coloring page to our President's book.  The color page is from

We tried stamping 'c' on our cat page (an idea from 1plus1plus1equalsone).  She loved it, but, um, I don't think we will do it again until my memory lapses and I forget how this turned out (and YES that will happen).

While I was working with one of the other kids, she 'finished' stamping her cat and started stamping herself.  It was a great look that stuck around for a day or two.  Thank goodness we didn't have to go anywhere.

I caught Explorer working on the knobbed cylinders. I would have taken more photos when she got the rest out, but she turned and yelled at me for taking her picture, lol!!

She also spent a decent amount of time on her pet's sound puzzle.

We also talked about Pennsylvania and colored a page for our state books.  This book also came from

Mini Cooper then joined Charger in putting together the US Puzzle map-about 3 times!

Oh Monday we had some fun 'life' school and found out that our new baby will be can see the post here.  

Next week we have big plans!  Hopefully they will materialize.  

Hope you had a great school week!

God Bless,

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