Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cleaning the House After an Illness: Days 3 & 4

I started out the exact same place that I did on days one and two-the bed.  

I made my bed. 

I got dressed.

I looked at my bedside table and bed area.  I picked up dishes, trash, clothes, and anything else that didn't belong there.

I looked at my dresser.  I hung up anything that needed to be hung up and put away anything that would fit in my dresser.  I cleared the floor and closed all the drawers.

What had taken me 20 minutes on each of the days before took me just a couple of minutes.  I decided to allow 20 minutes of cleaning on top of the repeat work, which meant about 25 minutes for each day.

Next to my dresser is our laundry basket.  It was full.  Overflowing full.  Unfortunately, the laundry room was pretty backed up, so I had to keep moving on for now.  

My goal for day three was to clear all the area in front of my bed.  It's a pretty large area, so it took a lot of time.  

Behind along the wall is our TV area and it had collected a lot of things that didn't belong in the room (but DID have a home elsewhere) and that was the goal for day 4.

Again, my goals where to 1.  throw out trash,  2.  put dirty clothes in the basket, 3.  hang up clean clothes, and 4.  put things that didn't belong in my room in the correct rooms.  Any thing that didn't belong in my room-but didn't have a home-went into a new pile right near the bedroom door.

25 minutes later (50 combined for the days) and you could see the floor of nearly all the room!  You could walk in without tripping over things!  It was great.  

Other then the fact that it was the room I was spending most of my time in, there were 2 reasons I chose to start in the Master Bedroom.  First, is that it is MY room.  Not a high traffic area, and my children (other then Explorer who sleeps in there) are not generally in there.  So, I knew it would stay clean.  

The other reason, is that I read somewhere that you should make your Master Bedroom your first priority since it is where you and your husband sleep.  That it is good for your marriage.  

I can tell you that after those first 4 days of work, I was so excited with the results.  And, my husband actually noticed, too.  It was a great start.

Oh, I forgot to add that I had done a load of laundry on each of the days.  I had dried them, but not folded them.  The laundry was clean, but backed up.  I had to figure out my plan, but that was for another day.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

woohoo on progress!! We cleaned 6 trash bags of clothes out of our room this weekend to goodwill. We also got rid of a couple of bags of trash and 3 boxes of books!! Looking so much better in there. I haven't cleaned it yet though!

Michele said...

Yay for progress! You are right- starting in "your" area is a great ideas- kind of a gift to yourself and one place you can go to relax. Keep up the good work Lisa!