Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our No Theme Preschool Week

We didn't have a real theme this week.  We just tried out a few things and had some fun!

I read about a website called Chalk Preschool last week.  It is free and they have a bunch of free online video clips to help teach concepts.  We tried it out on Monday and I had high hopes that the girls would enjoy it.  Explorer (2) did, Mini Cooper (4) kept asking if she could 'do it'.  She thought it was interactive like Starfall.  When she realized it was just movies, she didn't have any more interest.  

I've been trying to find more online activities for the girls so that they have some learning options when I am on 'maternity leave' from teaching :).

A few years ago I had read about this book, The Berenstain Bear's Big Book of Science and Nature, on the Sonlight book list.   I thought it sounded neat, but could never get my hands on it.  While walking past the end cap at our library a couple weeks ago, I saw it and checked it out.

It is SUPER cute, the girls (and the big kids too) love it, and it has tons of info.  It's now officially on my own it wish list.  We've been enjoying reading it over the last week and will continue this next week until it's finished. 

One of the days the girls decided they needed to wear aprons while they did their 'work'.  Whatever works, right?  Explorer was checking out ALLL the tangrams.

I had intended to bring out this bulb ordering last week during our spring theme week, but we missed it.  These are free from Homeschool Creations.

Then we made all kinds of things with the knobless cylinders.  You can see our spring creations here.

Of course we also built towers.

This puzzle is from 3 Dinosaurs.  I used it as another way to introduce counting to 100 by tens.  I plan to introduce the 100 board this week and I wanted to work on this concept a little bit before I brought out the board.

And on April Fool's, we did a lot of silly things including using our magnet faces book to make silly monsters.

We joined the big kids in tracing our bodies for our human body lessons next week (but I forgot to take pictures of the girl's tracings).  Lots of human body fun coming up!

Hope your week was a good one!

God Bless, 
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Chrystal Bliske said...

Looks like you had such a good week! I love all those cute aprons and have always wanted a copy of BB's Big Book of Science myself

Anonymous said...

What fun!! Looks like everyone had fun learning even if you didn't have a theme :-)