Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Third Daily Checklist (Dining Area Daily Checklist)

Having completed the general pickup of the master bedroom, master bathroom, dining area, and revamping my laundry routine, I added to my checklist.

My new checklist:

Daily Checklist #3
(to be used once the master bedroom, bath, and dining area have all been completely picked up)

Master Bedroom
____Make the bed
____Get dressed
____Start at your bedside and walk around to the other side of the bed.  
__Pick up all trash, clothes, and things that should not be on the floor.  
__Clear surfaces of all items that don't belong.  
__Make anything that does belong look good.
____Close the closet doors
____Complete one load of laundry per day (wash, dry/hang, fold)

Master Bathroom

____Clear counter tops of any items that do not belong there
____Pick up the bathroom floor
____Flush toilet if needed
____Replace roll of toilet paper if needed
____Do one weekly task
___Wipe down mirror and counter
___Wipe down toilet and scrub bowl
___Wipe down shower and or tub
___Sweep floors
___Empty trash

Dining Area

____Clear off the table
____Wipe down table and seating
____Sweep entire floor
____Empty the trash

This checklist can be printed (free) here:  Daily Checklist #3

Or, if you would like just the dining area checklist you can find it here:  Dining Area Daily Checklist

I hope your Easter weekend was a good one!

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Michele said...

Great checklist Lisa!