Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yard Sale Finds-Easter Shopping Edition

I know I have said this in the past, but I am trying hard to stick to the things that we need and use as I shop at yard sales now.  The fact that we will be having our fourth girl very soon has also changed the way I shop.

Back when I had just 1 child, I used to buy clothes as an actual investment!  Seriously.  I could find some super cheap high end clothes in the area I lived.  So, I would buy them, let Mustang wear them once (praying the whole time she didn't mess them up) and then sell them for a profit-sometimes a substantial one.  

Because of this, I didn't need to add money from our budget for MANY years.  The profits I had made kept me running through about 3 kids.

But, as I have had more children, less time to sell stuff, less time to work on removing stains, less time to pray they didn't ruin the 'valuable' clothing, and really, just less time to care that they were or weren't wearing the 'high end' view on clothes shopping has really changed.

Now, when I yard sale shop I think 1) does it fit now?  2) will said child wear it (I ask them now and listen, when they say no it really does mean it will just sit in the closet) and 3) will it last through THREE kids????  I still am debating on keeping Mustang's clothes for Mini Cooper (I didn't in the past and there is a huge size difference), so I re-buy for Mini Cooper and then just move her stuff directly into Explorer's closet, which will pretty much move directly into baby girl's closet, and if it survives moves into the donate pile, because it's not (generally) worth selling after 3 (or maybe 4 or 5 if I bought it used) girls have worn it.  But, someone might like it as free play clothes :).

With all that in mind, my yard shopping has become much more streamlined.  With 5 kids it's still a HUGE necessity as I can't afford to clothe 5 kids with new clothing.  But, I'm at least trying to be sure it doesn't add to my clutter issue!!

Huh, that was long winded!!

On to the finds!

First up, the Easter finds (like the title says).  Nope, no Easter eggs or cheesy decor.  Easter CLOTHES.  One week away from Easter is the PERFECT time to start looking for Easter attire, right?  Um, well, yeah.  I was thrilled to find Charger's Easter shirt and shoes!.

The shirt was a little pricey at $5.00, but for a like new Ralph Lauren shirt, I was okay with that.  The shoes are also like new and were $3.00.  I already have his jeans (also Polo), so he is set!

Mustang has been growing like a weed-especially her feet.  Of course, nothing from last spring fits.  So, finding these hardly worn shoes for $1.00 that match her dress perfectly made me very happy!

I don't often shop for DH, but at $2.00 a piece, these will be great for summer.  They are like new.

More for Charger.  2 pair of like new Adidas shorts for $3.00 each (very happy with that find!).  2 Gymboree shirts for $2.00 each.

Always exciting to find NICE clothes for 50 cents a piece!!  Mustang and I went through the VERY large pile and chose clothes we could both agree on.  It's all Justice, Old Navy and Children's Place, and in great shape.  The one pair of jeans are for next fall (a bit too big now, but at 50 cents they ARE worth storing).

This last item kinda goes against the grain of my intro rant, but was cute enough I had to get it anyways.  It's a size 3, which is the size that Explorer is wearing right now.  Will it still be her size in the fall?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But, it's super duper cute, and if she DOESN'T get to wear it, baby girl will, so for just $1.50 for a Gymboree dress, I'll give it a shot.  Especially since I already have the matching tights ;).

A couple things that didn't make the photo shoot-a really nice sweater vest for Charger (not sure how I missed it) $3.00, a pair of baseball pants that Charger really needs, but are just a *smidge* too small $2.00, and a wicker chair that Mustang picked out for her American Girl doll $1.50.  

Grand total spent:  $35.50.  Not bad considering the original retail price of the last dress was around $36.00.  Hence the reason I shop at yard sales :).

Did you find anything good this week?  I'd love to hear about!  Feel free to leave links to posts in the comments.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!


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