Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Dreaded Kitchen

Yep it's dreaded.  Sorry that I'm not very encouraging on that one ;).  I also realize, that, compared to other 'cleaning ideas' I was doing everything backwards.  But, if you were following the other posts, you know that my DH was helping on this room so I was taking advantage of that help to work on the other rooms :).

I was also having aversions to dish soap.  How convenient, eh? yeah I thought so, too.  Thankfully, with the help of a friend, I found out about a scent free dish soap that was sold at our local grocery store.  

But, I didn't buy it until I was really ready to start the kitchen.  I knew that as soon as I took the job back over that DH would declare me officially healed and no longer do the job.  I didn't blame him, I just wanted to be sure I was ready to take on the hardest room in the house.

Yes, once again sorry to unmotivate (apparently not a real word) in a motivational post, but the kitchen is (for me) THE hardest room in the house.  Mostly, because it is in CONSTANT use, and no sooner are you finished cleaning it that it becomes dirty again.  Plus, there's the gross bonus that if you DON'T clean it up, it will attract bugs and other annoyingly gross stuff (mold, etc).

I did FINALLY jump in and tackle it, though.

Oh! I should clarify that the VERY LAST THING I turned over was the dishes. 

Day one: I started at one side of the kitchen and cleaned off about 3 feet of counter space.  I cleared it off all the way down to the counter top and then scrubbed it really well.  Any dishes that I found were just shoved to the sink.

Day two:  I checked the area I cleaned on day one and cleared it off (takes just a few moments after the initial clean) and wiped it off with a regular wash cloth.  Then,  I went to the OTHER side of the kitchen and cleared off about 3 feet of counter space.  After it was cleared off, I scrubbed it down.  

Day three:   I revisited the first two spaces and then tackled the top of our dishwasher (it's portable so kind of an island).  It took more time then it should because it is a total clutter magnet.

Day four:  I washed off the top of the stove, burners and all *yucko*.

Day five:  (after revisiting all the previous day's places) I swept up the floor.

And Day SIX??? I-at last-took over the dishes.  

After I had finally recovered the kitchen, my daily routine (as long as I follow it) looks something like this:

Clear off counters on one side of room
Clear off counters on other side of room
Clear off dishwasher
Empty trash if needed
Get out a clean wash cloth (place dirty one in laundry)
Wipe off all surfaces 
I also take a swipe at the microwave each day-at first I did just the outside, then added one side of the inside, and added daily till it was cleaned out.
Sweep floor
Mop if needed
Have kids unload dishwasher (I don't let them unload it until the counters and floor are all cleaned up, because they have the tendency to drop things or set them on the counters-which is gross if they aren't cleaned first).
Load dishwasher 
Wash any large pots
Run dishwasher

Um, yeah, the fridge hasn't really made it into routine yet.  I tried to start one last week and only got a day's work done.  So, I'll be adding that in once I get it tackled ;).

And that was one complete pass through the house.  I will give more details on how it's going now in my next post :).

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

woohoo!! The kitchen is the hardest for me as well!! I need to create a routine in there like you did!

Phyllis said...

Good advise!