Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Last Time

My father is infamous for this line. So much so it has actually become a running joke in this family. But today, it is a true statment. Today is the 'last time' that my DH will have a full time job as an accountant. Today is the 'last time' that we will live the life we have been living for the last 3 1/2 years (what ever that is exactly). Today marks the 'last day' of our 'old life.'

Tomorrow starts a new day and a new adventure. I am very excited, but thankful for the life that we have had here at our home with our friends and with our church. Even though the big move isnt here yet, tomorrow marks the first visable step towards it.

I never intended to marry a farmer. I was hoping for a doctor, lawyer, or a politician. Funny enough, my DH never ment to BE a farmer. He majored (at least at first) in Political Science, and for his birthday one year I paid for him to take the LSAT. He ment to be a lawyer. But God had other plans. First the plan was to be an accountant, and now, a farmer.

I am looking forward to what God has in store for our little family in the fields of of the Midwest, and ask that if you think of us, that you would keep us in your prayers. I know a new job, a new house, a new baby, and lots of uncertainty in our new future, we can use all the prayers you are willing to give.

We are off to the farm for the weekend. I am looking forward to some hands on Tot School at the farm :)


Amy said...

Congratulations on this change! I will pray it goes smoothly for you all. There are wonderful, wonderful things about farming that you can't get in "city living." But there are some pretty unique challenges, too.
I'm never happy unless I have at least a couple of chickens running around the yard, hehe. :D
Your blog buddy

Overton's Happenings said...

This is a wonderful opportunity for your family. We have discussed several times the prospect of moving South. I guess I need to work on my faith as I get a little scared thinking of moving away from my family and my "comfort zone". At least you won't be too far away right? Close to Chicago?