Friday, January 29, 2010

Preschool: More Letter F

We continued learning about letter F this week. I still didnt get everything done I had hoped-but who ever does? I'll have to work them in another way in the future.

In reading, we finished up Dod the Dog from Progressive Phonics. Mustang did very well with this unit and I am excited to see how the next book goes. As part of this unit, she also practiced writing d, o, and g.

We also read the book Flap Your Wings and Try by Charlotte Pomerantz. It is in a textbook I picked up for 10 cents this summer, I love yard sales :). Both Mustang and Charger enjoyed flying around the room.

She practiced gluing with a few fun projects. We glued feathers on an F, and made a cute fishbowl inspired by one at Homeschool Creations.

In math, Mustang counted out pebbles for each fish. I got this idea from here.

During table time we went over Fruits and Vegetables. Later, I let her see how many she could remember. She didnt do very well, but we will be going over this more in the future. I made this game by simply cutting out pictures from the Sunday ad, gluing them to card stock, and laminating them. I put an f or on the back so she could check her work.

Mustang started helping me make her lunch each day. She was quite excited to make her peanut butter sandwiches.

And our trays this week:

Moving pom poms with tweezers. I gave Mustang tweezers last fall and she hated them, said her fingers hurt. They must have gotten stronger, because there were no complaints this time.

Practicing patterns with felt hearts. I cut hearts out of felt and then cut mini hearts from card stock. I laid out a pattern and had her repeat it with her felt hearts. She didnt really like this, which is too bad since I spent a decent amount of time making this one!

Tractor coverall. Living on a farm, there are always a ton of tractor magazines laying around. I decided to use them to my advantage. Mustang took one card and I took the other. We rolled the big die and covered that many tractors with our gems. She won.

Well, those are the highlights for our week. Thanks for stopping by! Check out the Preschool Corner from Homeschool Creations to see what others did this week.


Debbie said...

That books sounds so interesting. I love the feather F. So Cute!

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Very nice activities - looks like you had a fun week with the letter F! :)

LIttle Momma said...

What fun activities! It sounds like she is loving school!

Mrs Adept said...

What a great week. :)