Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Raising Rock Stars: Oh Be Careful Little Hands

This last week we had a major incident in our house. While I was cleaning up on Saturday, I discovered a cute pink and purple princess cell phone. It was the same little phone that I clearly remembered taking away from Mustang while we waited in the Walmart check-out lane. I also knew that I did not buy the phone!

I called Mustang over and asked her where it had come from. "I dont know," was her answer. After a discipline session, the little phone is currently sitting on top of my fridge awaiting its return to the store on our next trip.

Which leads me to the theme for this week's Raising Rock Stars-stealing!

Key verse: 'You shall not steal.' Exodus 20:15, Bible passage: Psalms 139:3-12. I chose to read out of the Children's Living Bible.

We read a devotional called 'Who Sees.' I found it on the Calvary Kids Pages. Scroll down to the bottom and choose stealing from the topic list. You can read the story from a printable or have it read to you.

Next, we sang the song 'Oh Be Careful Little Ears.' I found a printable with the words here. I printed and laminated a copy for us to sing with, and 2 additional copies for the kids to color.

After we were done with our reading and singing, I gave Charger a Mr. Potato head to play with.

I gave Mustang a felt face to put together. It came out a bit scary!

So, after she put it together, she and Charger played with Mr. Potato head for a long time. Giving him eyes, feet, ears, and hands.

For lots of great inspiration for your family devotions, check out the Raising Rockstars post on 1plus1plus1equals1. God Bless!


Stacy said...

Great job on the lesson! I can remember singing that song in Sunday school when I was little!

LIttle Momma said...

Ugh, I am sure the time to teach this lesson will eventually come in our household too. Like I said before, I used to be a little thief when I was a kid and I grew up to be a (usually) decent, productive human being so there is hope ;) Hang in there momma!