Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Was in the Basket: For Mini Cooper

It was Mini Cooper's first Easter. I love dressing babies up in the beautiful Easter sets out there. This year, Mini and Mustang coordinated. I do wish I had gotten a picture together :( Here Mini is with her basket. You will notice a few 'extras' in there. My mom {AKA GrandBunny} added things to each of the kids' baskets. I really appreciated this and the kids loved the fun little things she found to make the day extra special.

From this bunny {me}, Mini received 4 empty plastic eggs to explore, which she really enjoyed,

2 plastic spoons to eat with, she missed the with part, a couple jars of baby food-including carrots

And a Tag Jr Orchestra ABC book. It works with a Tag Jr reading system, which we dont own. I got the book FREE by signing up for a learning track here. I noticed it says that the offer expires 3/1/10 or while supplies last, but it's still up on the system and lets you sign up for the book. Worth a try!

Total cost of this basket: 3.00, the spoons were 2/1.00 at the Dollar Tree, and the baby food was 50 cents a jar. The plastic eggs were from my stash. We also 'reuse' our baskets each year. I have the kids put them out like they would put out their stocking. They each had one except Charger. It keeps us from having tons of baskets laying around the house, and saves me money each Easter.

I hope you found a couple ideas for your kiddos! We are still enjoying these gifts, especially the books which will soon be added to the household library. God Bless!


SonyaAnn said...

"AKA GrandBunny"-cutest name!
Just so you know, you have the cutest kids. And way to go on saving money on the baskets. My kids use the same baskets over and over. Anna is 18 so that poor thing has seen one too many Easters!

Anonymous said...

aww mini cooper is so cute!! What a fun basket she got!

The Empress said...

Oh, my gosh. Would you look at her. Absolutely beautiful.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

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