Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tot School: Charger's last week!

Charger is 31 months

I havent done a Tot School post in a few weeks, but here are some of the highlights I found while looking through my picture files.

I found these cool strawberry bowls at the thrift for 50 cents each. I thought the red gems could be strawberries, but I didnt have enough red ones so I added white. The spoon is a measuring spoon that I got in a set from the Target dollar spot last year. I thought one would spoon the gems from one strawberry to the other but Charger had other ideas.

First he picked up the gems, placed them in the spoon and transferred them.

Then he ditched the spoon and used his fingers.

Then he used the gems to make a snake. What you dont see is that the tray was returned to the shelf with all the white gems in one bowl and all the red in the other.

I made this tray by painting an old egg carton.

Check out that determination!

I found this great opposites game at the thrift, and Charger choose it a lot. Mini Cooper also wanted to play with it!

Charger did his first classification sort using cards I downloaded free from The actual sort went okay, but he really enjoyed sticking the cards into the pocket chart. Great hand eye coordination.

And by far the favorite lately has been our Melissa and Doug Cutting Food. We LOVE this game, and highly recommend it to anyone. Charger, Mustang, and Mini Cooper all enjoy this and will work together for a long time creating sandwiches and other unique combos.

We wrapped up our school a few weeks ago and I am have a great time getting together our things for the next quarter. It is official, Charger will be doing 'Preschool,' so our Tot School star will be Mini Cooper as she will be one very soon. In the meantime, check out Carissa's blog for more Tot School posts this week and in the weeks to come. God Bless!!


sbswtp said...

Fun activities!! :) Ryleigh is moving up to Pre-school too (officially) and Braeden will be doing Tot School...crazy how fast time goes! I love the picture with them all doing the Melissa and Doug cutting activity! Have a great week :)

Anonymous said...

oo so much fun! I need to get some of those cutting food!

Anonymous said...

I love the match up puzzles! Such a good idea. We'll have to make some ourselves!