Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mini Cooper's Christmas Gifts {Ideas for Toddlers}

Christmas is just 5 days away, but I can hardly wait to see my kiddos open their gifts. I figured I'll pass the time telling you what's IN the gifts :).

In October I returned to selling on eBay part time and was able to make a few extra dollars to help pay for Christmas gifts this year. Last year we were so strapped and I was thankful to have a little more spending room this year. Plus, I was able to take advantage of some great sales and thrift store finds.

I am breaking this up into a few different parts and may end up waiting till after Christmas for Mustang and Charger-they seem to actually notice what Mommy posts on her blog if they are around. But, Mini Cooper certainly doesnt know, so I am starting with her.

Santa does stop at our house. He stopped at my house as a child and I didnt grow up to think my parents were liars, nor did I miss that Jesus was the true reason for our Christmas celebrations. So, I hope that my children will grow up okay. I think that Santa is just as much fun {if not more so} for Mommy then the kids any ways. My poor mom doesnt know what to do with herself now that Santa doesnt stop at her house!

This year Santa will be bringing Mini Cooper a Beauty and the Beast power ATV ride on . I waited up half the night so I could buy it on Black Friday at Walmart.com. I saved 10.00!

In her stocking she will be getting some various Dollar Tree treasures-a play cell phone, dress up hat and shoes, felt fruits, veggies and treats {Walmart},

A Kid O Recognizing Shapes Puzzle. I received this free as part of a review I did for CSN stores this summer.

And the Melissa and Doug Wooden Family Doll Set. They are the CUTEST little dolls ever! I used my Kohl's cash I had earned from shopping on Black Friday to take 10.00 off my doll purchase.

From Mom and Dad she will be getting some really fun stuff, too!

Her 'big' gift from us is a beautiful little blonde haired, blue eyed Bitty Baby from American Girl! I found her last week at the thrift store for 2.00!!!!!! I had already purchased Mini a little 10.00 doll from Walmart, but I took that dolly back when I found this treasure! She looks brand new! She is actually from 2003 when American Girl was still owned by Pleasant Company. She didnt come with any clothes, so I purchased a used dress on eBay for 8.99. Certainly the best thrift store find I have ever made. I am so excited to give it to Mini Cooper!!

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Tea Set. I have wanted this for Mini for awhile now. I found it at Walmart for just 17.00, but its sold out now. I cant believe how much they are selling for on Amazon! Maybe I should have bought two! One to keep and one to sell :).

Mini will also be receiving a new hooded towel {Kohls Black Friday}, a couple books, and a set of the Little People Alphabet Animals. I found just the animals for 5.00 at the thrift. It will be fun to use them while she is learning her letters, and she is really into pretend play right now. She loves playing with people and animals in our doll house, so I am quite sure she will enjoy 26 new little friends!

I am looking forward to a few smiles from Mini this year. I know that Christmas isnt about the gifts. Last year the kids each received just 2 gifts from us. But, each year is different. As a kid I remember one year when my big gift was a hair dryer. It probably only cost about 20.00. Then there was a year that I received a computer-obviously more then 20.00. So I figure you give what you can when you can and it will even out.

I'm just thanking God that I am with my kids this Christmas! I am looking forward to making tons of great memories. God Bless you & Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

oo what great ideas for Mini Cooper! She is going to love them all! Love the doll that you found!!