Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 2

Wow that was a fast week!  I hope your holiday weekend was a good one.  Ours was filled with 3 different parties to host or attend.  It was so much fun, but went too quickly!

Somewhere in the craziness, the kids and I did stop at a couple of yard sales.  No major gems, but we still found a lot of cute clothes.

I have become very selective in my book buying, so to get this many books at once is a lot :).  The two horse books are for this week's lessons and Mustang is eating them up.  The building words is going to be perfect for Charger who will learn anything having to do with cars and trucks.  

My favorite are the two books on artists!  One is Michelangelo, the other is DaVinci.  They will be great for our artist studies.

They came from various sales, some better deals then others.  Total was $7.75.  The scissors are the nice ones where it doesn't matter how you hold them they still cut.  $1.00.

Charger's new Thomas ball $1.00.  

Funny story:  This ball came from a yard sale where apparently a family who had just purchased a bunch of school stuff.  The lady having the sale made some snide comment about the family and then said they were going to homeschool in a very condescending tone.  I didn't say anything, as I wasn't quite sure how to respond.  A few moments later, she asked me what preschool Charger went to.  I responded with, well we homeschool, actually.  The look on her face was priceless :).

I went to two sales that only had clothes that would fit Mini Cooper and Explorer.  They really don't need clothes, but their things are always too cute.  So, I tried to find things that we can always use more of, which are sleepers and pjs.  

I ended up spending more then I meant to at one sale.  They had a sign that said kids clothes 25 cents and adult clothes 50 cents.  Well, it was so HOT in her yard that it wasn't until the next house that I realized I had paid 50 cents for kids clothes.  I would have been more selective in that case, but it was too late.  

So, I paid a total of $3.50 for the above pjs, outfit and a top all for Explorer.

PJs for Mini Cooper, 1.00/pair.

Fall outfits and tops for either Mini Cooper or Explorer, not sure who will be wearing what size this fall. Mini Cooper is TINY and Explorer is HUGE.  Makes clothing shopping very interesting.  $3.00 total.

Summer dresses for Explorer.  Sooo cute!  $4.00 total.

Outfits, swim suit and super cute pjs for Explorer.  $4.50.

Outfit, dress and 2 pair of panties (they look new) for Mini, $2.00 total.

Nightgown, jumper, Gap hoodie, and a super cute skirt for Mustang, $7.00.

PJs and jeans for Mini Cooper, $2.00.

PJs for Mustang, 2 tops for me (one didn't fit, boo) and the lone item for Charger, a pair of PJs.  $4.00.

I think I spent about $45.00 total after odds and ends and the YUMMIEST cookies!  We even went to one sale where they had chickens-IN TOWN.  That was fun!

I really hope we can get to a few sales this weekend. Mustang has basketball camp so she will miss it, but we are ready to find some fun stuff.  Maybe it will be a good chance to buy her some gifts.

Did you find anything fun this weekend?  Hope you'll come link up at My Life On a Taffy Pull.

God Bless!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

I hate it when I over pay! Ah well, what are you gonna do? Great clothes though! Can 't wait to see what you find this week! Thanks for linking up!

busy little bee said...

You always find great clothes for your kids. I have a hard time finding clothes with some life left to them for a good price. We had a yard sale this weekend. It was our second for the year. We made about $120 and were able to get rid of lots of stuff.

By the way, we are going to start homeschooling this year!

jess_hak said...

What fantastic clothes!! I think I would've paid .50 for them anyway! :) I have really tried to be more selective this year with books too since our space is becoming limited. I also got rid of a whole bunch I bought last year and never used.

Thank you for the comment on the Barbie movies! I actually sat down and watched them shortly after that post and decided that it was a good movie with a good message. I must have overheard it at the wrong time when she was watching it the first time. lol But after watching it I realized I had come into the 'conversation' at the wrong time. :) It is really hard to find good girly movies with a positive message these days and so far I have been pleased with the Barbie movies.