Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 5

It's amazing how fast a week goes when summer hits!  I hope you had a good one!  We found a few goodies even though the first yard sale of the day left me confused when the seller was asking brand new prices on her used Melissa and Doug stuff-7.00 for a used puzzle?  Um, no!

Actually, my very best part of the day was that I actually bargained this time!  I never do, but I promise I am going to start doing it more.  I had one item that was priced at 20.00 that I got for 10 because I asked!  It was an item for a gift, though, so you'll have to wait for my end of the season gift posting-I plan to do this all at once when I know that no children will be home to watch the photo taking :).

On to the things you can see now :).

It was mostly Charger's week.  Usually the girls get everything, not this week!  A bunch of shirts, most were 25 cents.  The Abercrombie shirt was 1.00, as was the gray sweater.  The navy and white stripe top was 50 cents.  $3.50 total.

Two nicer shirts, one Ralph Lauren polo, 2.00, and a Card's jersey, 2.50.  Shorts 1.00 and the shoes were 50 cents.

This was my bummer deal.  I gave $4.00 for this John Deere comforter and sheet set-or so I thought.  Stupid me didn't undo the tape, why I still don't know, and there was only ONE sheet and the comforter had some small stains.  *sigh*

This sleeping bag has been something my husband wanted for Charger.  The girls each have a sleeping bag, but he didn't.  Dad wants to do a sleep out in the backyard.  $2.00 for Scooby-doo, socks found inside from last owner: priceless!!  (or just eewww)

I found a great sale for Mustang's clothes.  I asked her to look with me and she refused.  She said she had enough clothes.  Hmm, she may be right :).  I did still get her two tops and a skirt she can mix and match for 3.00.  The gray shirt is Hanna Montana, so she was happy.

Outfit on the left for Mini Cooper, 1.00, two pair of pjs for Explorer, 1.00.

I just realized the other day I needed a new bath rug.  I was happy to find this one for 2.00.

Stop and Go signs for Red Light Green Light, bear paws for our Jesse Bear unit this week.  1.75 total.

Dissect a frog lab and science experiment kit.  $1.00 each.

This made me happy.  It is a 1st grade Phonics and Word Study set!!  All the papers are black line masters and everything needed was here and in perfect shape!

It came with a file folder holder so you could gather each weeks supplies and put it in the right folder!  $3.00.

This was bummer number 2.  4.00 for this really pretty dress.  I don't like it on me :(.  I don't know if I'll get my money back when I sell it or not.  But, it will be going.

Bummers number 3, 4, and really 5.  Neither the shirt (2.00) or shorts (1.00) fit me.  Bummer 5 is that I apparently need to loose weight for the first time in my adult life.  The baby weight just is NOT coming off this time.  It always has in the past.  

But, these two skirts made up for my bummers!!  They were already hanging on the line so I could wear them yesterday.  They were both marked $3.50, and she took 50 cents off each when I asked.  I had hoped for more, but they are very pretty skirts. 6.00 total.

And at the next sale I found this shirt to match the skirts for 25 cents.  

Charger found this cool Cars play set and 6 cars (3 are already lost in the house somewhere).

Mack turns into a roadway.  The seller had them all for 10.00, but offered them to Charger for 5.00.  I do like it when they offer my kids a deal because they are cute :).

Total of 46.50 (plus 10.00 for the gift), so I blew my budget a bit, but overall some good deals.  

Did you find anything good (or any bummers?)   Come link up at My Life on Taffy Pull!

God Bless!


momof4cutiez said...

The power of bargaining!! :) I love deals.

Mrs. Taffy said...

Ah...sorry about the bummers. I hate it when that happens, but it's just a reality in the garage sale realm. I figure it's okay every once in a while since we save SO much on the stuff that works out.

The skirts and top you got are ADORABLE! And I love the bathroom rug too! I've been looking for a rug for door in my sun room.

Thanks for linking up! And I agree, the weeks do go by fast in the summer!! Too fast! lol

MO said...

School stuff, great!

jess_hak said...

What a great mixture of things this week for you! Isn't it nice when you find something that will fit with a school unit nicely? Love the rug!

Great job on bargaining too. I always have a hard time with that. I can never seem to get it into my head that some people price high to go lower when people ask. I usually just walk away. lol

Boy clothes are SO hard to find for me this year (boy anything really)....I don't want to buy retail, but if I don't find things that I need I'm going to have to...sigh.